These Luxury Dinner Sets Will Take Your Dining Table From Boring To Insta-Ready!

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What Makes It Awesome

Let's accept it. Many Indian households have these amazing dinner sets which are used only for special occasions or when there are guests over. At least I do - mainly fancy teacups and coffee mugs! While I used to seldom buy crockery and dinnerware online, I've started making that exception now. Thanks to the influx of Pinterest-worthy crockery and cutlery all over social media and multiple online portals. 

One such brand is Hitkari. It's here where minimalism meets luxury. A combo that's been my favourite forever. To be honest, dining has never been more chic. Their collection is divided into dinner sets, tea or coffee sets and gift sets that have a combination of their crockery. Expect minimal floral designs, fine patterns and yes the classic white crockery sets with chic borders. If you're a tea person, definitely get a sneak peek into their tea and coffee collection. They've got gold teapot set, which is out of this world. Really! It's an all gold teapot with emerald green cups. What a stellar and royal combo. They have also introduced tea/coffee pots made from either glass or stainless steel, tumblers, cutters of various shapes. There are also basic kitchen essentials like scissors, knives, bottle openers, grinding mills and shopping bags that you can shop along with your favourite crockery. 

For sure, this brand's on the higher end. So, we'd say save it for when your paycheck comes in! While their dinner sets start at INR 7,750 (but includes a good 33 pieces), their tea set collection starts at INR 2,195 (for 12 pieces)!

What Could Be Better

We'd love to see more variety and designs on their website.


They've even got an option for corporate gifting which includes coffee mugs, mug sets, a cake stand and more. For hotels wanting their tableware, they can send in their enquires through LBB's Enquire Now feature.


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