Khadi, Ikkat & Warli: These Traditional Masks Are So Cool!


    What Makes It Awesome

    Face masks are evolving and how! From the simple cotton ones to printed, embroidered and pop-culture inspired even. Options are tons with something for everyone's type and style. Now, if you're a kind of person who loves traditional Indian weaves and fabrics, I've found something just for you. And I am indeed happy and excited to have stumbled upon these. Because, not only they have a stellar collection, but they've got a great story as well.

    Called Svatanya, a social enterprise working with local women in rural areas, is offering comfortable facemasks using fabrics like khadi and cotton. Expect lots of traditional prints - Ikkat, Indigo, Warli, Kantha and more.All the masks are reusable and have got a good triple layer protection. So, bye-bye germs! What's cool is that they've even got a family pack which has a combo of 8 masks for adults and kids. 

    The prices of the masks start from INR 450 and upwards.


    Oh, and apart from masks I also recommend going through their other collection including jewellery, adorable cushions, Ganesha idols, floral torans and more.