Quirky Lighting Options To Brighten Up Your Home


    Pretty lights hung up, bright yellow glow everywhere. And, if you've had enough of boring LED lights, we've compiled offbeat options for lighting. Make your home a little brighter (and a lot more unusual) with these interesting lights you can order online.

    They aren’t traditional, yes, but they will guide you home.

    Classic Gold Cone Fairy Lights

    LED Golden Cones Fairy Lights

    LED Golden Cones Fairy Lights


    Chic, classic and classy! These gold-plated fairy lights come with fine floral detailing and carving. Light these up and they'll illuminate and brighten up any dull corner or boring window panels. 

    Price: INR 999.

    Ideal For: Balcony and windows.  (Oh, talking about windows, make yours like a Pinterest dream come true with this guide

    PS: they've got tons of other light options as well. Think basket-themed wall lamp, butterflies LED, pom pom LED lights, bottle lamps and more. Find 'em all here

    Recycled Bottle Lamps

    Multi Floral Painted Bottle Lamp

    Multi Floral Painted Bottle Lamp


    Well, if you've got zero patience to deal with the tangle of fairy lights or simply are lazy to set these up, we'd say, bring home these quirky bottle lamps from Wasted. They're upcycled bottles which have been handpainted and transformed into pure beauty. From florals to quotes and tons of other abstract designs, these come in an array of bright hues and designs. 

    Price: INR 1,300 and upwards.

    Ideal For: Coffee tables, living room or dining area.   

    Dreamcatcher With Lighting

    Rainbow LED Dreamcatcher

    Who says lighting for the festive season is simply limited to golden fairy lights or jazzy lamps. You're allowed to go all out and mix and match a bit. How about a #Boho twist? And we're going all gaga over this rainbow-themed dreamcatcher which doubles as lighting. OMG, how adorable is this?

    Price: INR 1,100.

    Ideal For: Balcony, bedroom or your cosy nook. 

    Oh, check out our amazing dreamcatcher collection as well! Spoiler alert: cuteness overload! 

    Portable Fan With Lighting

    Portable Fan With Lights

    Haha! We know, this one doesn't really fit in this list, but couldn't help but mention our uber-fun find. Although this is portable, you can use these cute little fans as decor by setting them up in a quirky way. Plus, you can't ignore the utility factor here. Fan + cute lights. Who would not want to buy these?

    Price: INR 899.

    Ideal For: Well, take it where ever you want :) (Bedside table, in your car, kitchen) 

    Pastel Lantern

    Daisy Lantern

    Daisy Lantern


    These pastel lanterns are apt for modern households who are looking for minimal and contemporary lighting options. These iron lanterns in fact are the most hassle-free option as you do away with the electricity and wire bit. Simply hang these up and light a tea candle. And there you go! #DecorGoals!

    Price: INR 900.

    Ideal For: Windows, dining area and any outdoor space. 

    #LBBTip: To double the fun, while hanging these up, use a string with flowers attached. And it's sure to make a statement. 

    Firework String Light

    Firework Copper LED Strings

    Love fireworks? What if we say you can experience those pretty things which you usually see up in the air, right in your living room. We've spotted the cutest firework themed lights which are sure to light up your living room ceiling this festive season. 

    Price: INR 799.

    Ideal For: Ceilings or balcony. 

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    DIY Hot Air Balloon

    Set Of 10 Mini Hot Air Balloon

    These beautiful hot air balloon lights are a DIY project you can buy from Sky Goodies. Call you loved ones home, sit and assemble the pieces, hang it around an LED or CFL bulb, and voila, you have a lit-up hot air balloon! 

    Price: INR 599.

    Ideal For: Bedroom or study area.

    #LBBTip: These lights come in multiple other shapes including diamonds, angels,  cute homes, butterflies etc. So, if parachute's not your thing, go for these.

    Moroccan Jar Votive Candles

    Moroccan Jar Votive Candles (Set of 3)

    Moroccan Jar Votive Candles (Set of 3)


    This one is the perfect blend of festive and funky lighting. Maybe, you can ditch the traditional this time and rather opt for these ceramic jars with pretty tea light options.  

    Price: INR 1,175.

    Ideal For: Dining table or living room centre table. 

    We tried using these decor items and look, how the tables have turned! (Literally) 

    Lightwise Candles With (re) Purpose

    Lightwise - candles with (re)purpose

    Lastly, for those inching closer and closer towards the sustainable life, the festive season does not mean you have to forgo your resolutions, especially when you have Tada! This year, they are celebrating the launch of Lightwise, candles with a purpose and repurpose. Basically, these beautiful diya-like candles can be repurposed as an oil wick lamp once the wax melts - no more wastage! 

    Price: INR 690.

    Ideal For: Dining table or to dot the verandah.

    #LBBTip: A set of Lightwise candles come with two wick holders. Once the candles melt you can place a wick in the holder to up-cycle it into a oil wick lamp that will light up your home for days to come (celebration never really ends).