Lemon Cheesecake And Vanilla Hazelnut: This Skincare Line Is Delicious

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What Makes It Awesome

The Skin Pantry is an organic skincare brand that makes natural and amazing products, that you wish you could eat, but can’t.

These handmade products are made from scratch by graphic-designer and delicious-goodies maker, Collette. Skin smoothies are their line of face wash bottled frothily in a transparent bottle, with a convenient pump dispenser to go along with.

There are walnut and apricot face scrubs, lemon cheesecake body butter, espresso body scrub, vanilla hazelnut body butter up for grabs, along with a lot more than won’t just sit there looking pretty as a picture on your shelf, but do a mighty fine job as well. Everything is for women and men alike – and can be chosen according to the skin type you have.

Like Collette says, you shouldn’t put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth, and so the products are extremely fresh using the most organic of ingredients.


We say that it’s time you stop putting _______ (insert polite word for goopy junk) on your face and perhaps try something from here instead. Take the wooden spatula, and diggin’!