Boho & Vibrant: Why We Love This Furnishing Brand

    What Makes It Awesome

    I love decorating my bedroom. I mean it. If I wouldn't be writing, I would secretly be housekeeping in a 5-star hotel. Hands up if you can relate. Jokes aside, I'm always busy hunting and shopping for new furnishing brands, quality fabrics, quirky cushions, quilts and more. And my hunt this month led me to an amazing homegrown brand started by a mother-daughter duo - Shilpa and Surbhi - called Renaissance Home Decor. 

    Scroll through their Instagram and you'll instantly be welcomed by their #Boho style, vibrant colours and funky prints. Totally in love with the pop of colours these guys have to offer. Think royal blue, bright orange, emerald green, maroon and more. If you're looking to infuse a Bohemian vibe, go for their rustic Moroccan jute carpet and pair it with their fringe pillow. They also have a couple of designs with an amazing crochet twist to them. 

    The brand draws inspiration from different weaves and printing techniques and work closely with a small team of skilled workers. You'll notice their collection takes a fun play with various patterns and palettes, such as shibori, ikat, batik, patola, etc.

    Their collection starts from INR 700 and upwards. To order their furnishing products, you can DM them on their Instagram or Facebook. Or simply call them on 098116 31938.

    And yes, they do Pan-India delivery as well.