This Brand Is Spoiling Us With Healthy Instant Drinks. (Think Millets Milkshake)

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What Makes It Awesome

Let's accept it. Everyone's wanting to be healthy or at least trying to make a switch where ever they can. And it all starts with what you're consuming, how much, using healthy alternatives for daily recipes etc. And we've found a brand which will make this healthy switch a breeze! Ammae is an online healthy brand which is offering multiple grain-based mixes and cereals which can be consumed as milkshakes or porridge. 

If you're a healthy and heavy breakfast type person, you'll love their porridge. A mix of grains and pulses, their porridge mix is certainly high in protein and fibre. Or you can also opt for their fun millet mixes. This one's a drinking powder, so you've got to simply mix it with milk and drink it up. Likewise, you can also try their Health Mix which can also be consumed as a milkshake. Yes, milkshake's finally got healthy.  

To be honest, this is a really great option for those who've got busy schedules and don't really have time to healthy-fy their meals. It's super quick, has tons of rich fibre and is tasty to. So, why not?

Their products starts from INR 50 and upwards. 


Their website's got a bunch of healthy recipes too which shows multiple ways of consuming these mixes. 


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