Mid-Day Hunger Pangs Or Movie Time Snacking? Prime Foods Will Sort You Out

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Prime Foods

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What Makes It Awesome

Healthy snacking is the new cool! Let’s face it, we all love munching on some chips, mathri, bhujia and what not while we are working, having chai or even while binge-watching our favourite movies. And with the work-from-home scenario, it’s become difficult to keep your healthy snacking habits on the right track. Which is why we recommend Prime Foods, a Mumbai-based brand that makes irresistible and healthy everyday snacks to satisfy your at-any-odd-hour food cravings. 

The brand offers bite-sized munchies that are not just made with the finest & freshest ingredients that are healthy, but are also available in an array of interesting flavours. If you’re someone who loves potatoes and chatpata flavours, we bet you will love their range of sweet potato chips. They are available in flavours like tandoori, barbeque and peri peri and are also of their most popular product. Not just that, if you’re nuts about nuts (like us!) you will definitely love their Nutcracker, which is basically masala coated peanuts with special seasoning. While you can relish these crunchy peanuts as they are, you can also use them as healthy toppings over toast, upma, poha and so much else. Speaking of nuts, they also have a yummy peanut chutney which can be sprinkled over toast, khakra, salad basically anything that you want to give a delicious crunchy spin. (Psst - It’s rich in proteins too!)

If you ask us what’s our favourite, then that would surely be the Bombay Pepper Trail Mix which is a dense combination of nuts, seeds and berries with a twist of pepper to satisfy your mid-day hunger pangs. Also, it’s the perfect snack that you can enjoy after a workout sesh! And if you’re cheesy AF (wink wink) you will absolutely love their cheese crunch which are bite-sized cheese bits with a unique combination of herbs, spices and seasoning! In fact, their Ragi Sesame Flaxers are just a perfect healthy treat for chai time or you can certainly take it up a notch by topping it over with some cheese, jalapenos and enjoy them with your favourite dip (sounds perfect for cheat days!)

You see? There are a lot of options to choose from, and each of these options will definitely sort your everyday snacking regime. 

Pro Tip

So, now that you know how awesome and healthy these snacks are, go ahead and stock up on ‘em already! Hit the “Shop Now” button and you can get their entire spread on Shop On LBB.