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Decor Junkies! This E-Store Is Your One-Stop-Shop For All Your Home Needs

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    What Makes It Awesome

    I love it when I find everything under one roof! Whether it's a brick-and-mortar boutique, a showroom or an online store. I'd rather buy it all from one place than scroll through endless websites or apps. And being a home decor lover, I was super excited to stumble upon Iaah. These guys have literally everything your home needs on their website. From the tiniest need like napkins or plates to chandeliers or sofa sets. 

    They've divided their collection into furniture, furnishing, decor, lighting and dinnerware. And each of these has subcategories which makes it super easy to find stuff in this huge decor jungle (as I like to call it). As I particularly love lighting and lamps, that's the first place I headed to. Here you'll find pretty chandeliers, table lamps, pendants and floor lamps as well. They've got plenty of designs for you if you're looking for a chic industrial look for your home. So think lots of metals, geometric cuts and sharp finishing. 

    If that's not your jam, head straight head to their decor section. Choose from their vast collection here which includes wall clocks, candle stands, cutlery, flowers and plants, cutlery sets, lanterns, mirrors, wall art. OMG! These guys really have lots of stuff. I could keep talking about it!

    Lastly, if you're looking for something for your bedroom, they've got a pretty quirky collection of quilts, bedsheets, pillow covers, rugs and mats etc. Their approximate price range starts from INR 600 and upwards. 


    They're also happy to help you with a consultation over Skype. Feel free to ping them!

      Available Online