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With Love, From The Himalayas: Is This What Nature Tastes Like?

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What Makes It Awesome

Pure. Fresh. Heavenly. 

These are a few words that pop up in my head when I first hear the word Himalayas. And these were also the words which came to my mind when I came across O'ija, a homegrown brand nestled in a tiny hamlet of Uttrakhand called Sarna. Kickstarted in 2020, these guys offer products inspired by nature and uniquely blends purity of mother Earth and mother's love. Their every item brings a piece of Himalaya right here into our cities. Founded by Raahul Pandey, a media professional who chose to leave behind the city chaos and chase his dreams in the mountains. He started O'ija with the aim to utilise traditional farming techniques and sustainable agricultural practices and club them with modern innovative techniques.

What's in it for you? You can expect an array of products which includes regional tea pickles, flavoured salts, flour, honey and lots more. Chai-o-holic, it's time to hoard their regional selection of teas. Packaged in cutesy jute bags, you can sip on their soothing and herbal tea options including Himalayan whole leaf green tea, herbal tea, green tea with lemongrass and ginger and green tea with thyme and nettle. Each of these are grown naturally without any pesticides or chemicals. Apart from uplifting your mood, these also help in boosting your immunity, blood circulation, weight loss, detox and overall healing of your mind and body. Long story short, maximise your zen with these relaxing tea options. 

Next. For those who feel meals are incomplete without a spoonful of achaar, here's something handmade and homely for you (from a mother)! Say hello Madhu Pandey who uses her secret traditional recipe and magical hands to churn out some yummy and pahadi pickles. You can pick from their two flavours namely mango and jalapeno.             

Apart from teas and pickles, you can also call for their organic honey, flour etc. Oh, and definitely their Pisyun Loon. For those unaware, quality flavoured salt, is the secret ingredient and star of all Pahadi dishes. And they've got two of these: chilli garlic and pahadi turmeric. A handful of these is enough to stir up a storm in your dishes.     

Their collection starts at INR 160 and goes up to INR 500.