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Calling Out All The Gujjus: You Guys Will Love These Homemade Snacks!

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What Makes It Awesome

I come from a Gujju household, and trust me snacking is a huge deal in our home. I'm kinda used to munching on snacks even during lunch and dinner. And kid you not, when I stumbled upon Aarti's kitchen it took me back to my childhood when I used to visit my nani's home and be showered with all these Gujju homemade goodies. Based out in Mumbai, Aarti's Kitchen is whipping some amazing Indian snacks which unlike the usual departmental store snacks, give you a homely vibe. They give you that 'maa ka khana' feeling. 

 What I personally loved from all the snacks they are offering is their roasted coins. Well, these are tiny coin-like wheat crispies which come in multiple yummy flavours. Think cheese, pani-puri, tapioca, oats, desi Chinese, flaxseeds etc. And as they are all roasted and not fried, you tend to munch on these endlessly and guilt-free. Apart from this yummy snack, you can also opt for makahana and our Gujju's favourite chakra. These too come in multiple yummy flavours. Now, I couldn't talk about Gujju snacks and not talk about chunda and pickles. Yep. She does that too. 

Well, they're even happy to customise and curate hampers in case of a special occasion. Picture a basket with all these goodies. YUM!

You can place orders by simply calling them or messaging them on Facebook.