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OMG! These Guilt-Free Chocolates Are Made With Plant-Based Sweetener Stevia

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What Makes It Awesome

We've all got friends and relatives who have either stopped consuming sugar, reduced their intake or simply cannot consume sugar owing to their health concerns. So, in most occasions when we're busy filling our mouth with cakes and chocolates, these guys are either sipping on tea or just curbing their cravings. 

Well, well, well! That's about to change. We've found this amazing brand called Zevic which makes chocolates from Stevia. Now for those who are unaware, Stevia is a natural sweetener that's derived from the leaves of that particular plant. Launched in 2015, Zevic was started with the objective to find a better alternative for sugar and artificial sweetener. And thus,  offering a sweet and a guilt-free experience to chocolate lovers! And Zevic is also the only brand in India to make stevia-based chocolates. WOW!   

Okay, enough gyaan, folks! Now diving in straight into their chocolates. They've got an array of 16 flavoured chocolates which includes roasted almonds, dark chocolates, orange zest, roasted coffee, Turkish hazelnut, Himalayan pink salt and many more. The prices of their bars start from INR 135 and upwards. 

Apart from sugar-free chocolate bars, they've even got chocolate-coated nuts which come in cute glass jars. These have cranberries, almonds and rice crispies options. These start from INR 499 and upwards.

All in all, it's nice to see how brands are now innovating and using amazing alternatives and helping us adopt a healthy lifestyle.