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Ancient Living

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What Makes It Awesome

What's the one thing we can all collectively do without? Harsh chemicals, right? When I stumbled across Ancient Living, a skin and haircare brand available on LBB, I was intrigued. While inspired by the age-old traditions of Ayurveda, I liked that their formulations are equally rooted in research and crafted to be more than just topical solutions. Plus, they work with farmers and artisans and aim for a more sustainable, ethical approach that stays connected to our roots. 

While I was drawn to their beauty and wellness section, the brand's approach means that their catalogue of products too is pretty well-rounded and inspired by our Indian heritage. That means that besides the bulk of their range (skincare, haircare, aromatherapy), they also have artisan products like Native boardgames, artisan toys and decor too. But I'm veering off track. So back to the main point, their beauty products. Ancient Living is inspired by Ayurveda and their products are all plant-based and free from harsh chemicals. Infused with the benefits of natural plants that are grown sans any nasty chemicals, their products are crafted to be more than just for show and actually have therapeutic properties. 

I am definitely eyeing their Hibiscus Shampoo Bar (INR 185), which has hibiscus, curry leaf, cedarwood oil, coconut oil and palm oil to nourish hair and strengthen it. I love a good scrub because nothing gives you that healthy glow like a good exfoliation so the Almond Body Polishing Scrub (INR 900) is definitely another one for the cart - with almond powder, orange peel powder, ginger lily, turmeric and Navara rice, it's meant to leave your skin soft and nourished. And I don't know about you, but my weekends are never complete without a good face pack, and their Organic Rose and Orange looks like it might do the trick nicely (INR 98) for 20gms. If you've got a kid at home, add their Designer Handmade Soaps to cart to make bathtime fun - they've got lions, elephants, hippopotamus and even teddy soap.

Bestsellers: Handmade toxic-free soaps, hair oils, shampoo bars, organic hair colour, Almond Body Polishing scrub, bath powders, massage oils, organic face packs and board games

Price: Price ranges from approximately INR 125 to INR 2000 and most of their skincare and haircare products easily fall within the INR 300 range which is pretty much a steal. 


Let's embrace sustainability and opt for organic products that are good for our body as well as the environment. Check out our favourite organic range of shampoos and conditioners.