Towels To Bedsheets: This Brand Is Revolutionising Our Basic Home Essentials

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Haber Living

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What Makes It Awesome

Haber Living is an amazing online store that offers sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to our day to day lifestyle. From the  tiniest things like toothbrushes and napkins, to bedsheets and blankets, we're totally in love with this home essential brand. And if you love minimalism, then you've got all the more reason to shop from this brand. Soothing pastels, fine minimal prints and clean finishes is something you'll find all over their collection.

Their collection ranges from towels and shawls to cushion covers and travel cutlery. Spoiler Alert: it's awakened the hoarder in us. Let's start with their bath towels. Or should we say 'newtech towels.' Unlike the usual ones, these are lightweight, quick-dry, made with superior cotton and are long-lasting. You can choose from their regular bath towel, extra-large ones, hand towels and compact towel sets.

Oh, and they've got the most amazing collection of shawls. They're simply so adorable and cute. And they claim that the fabric feels like second skin. We're already adding these to our cart. And these are made from 100% cotton. And guess what, these even double as towels. So it can either be used as shawls or as towels. You choose.

Now, let's come to their cushion covers. Whether you're reading a book or watching a movie at home, this piece of cloth makes the entire experience so cozy! Just like their towels and shawls, this too surpasses all our expectations. If hoarding cushion covers is one of your hobbies (like mine), their cushion cover needs to make way to your collection. Slightly on the higher end, but it will surely add a pop of drama to your living room. And these are the designs you probably won't find elsewhere.

Lastly, add their travel eco-friendly cutlery to your cart. It comes in a combo set of bamboo cutlery (spoon, fork and knife) and a steel straw. And of course, their bamboo toothbrush is not worth missing out on.

Their collection starts from INR 299 and upwards.