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7 Best Wall Accents Recommended By Decor Label Founder

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With our homes becoming the hub of all daily activities, I love spending time staring at beautifully embellished walls to uplift my mood, which is why wall art is such a crucial step in the decorating process. From ceramic plates to statement mirrors, frames, and potted plants, turning empty spaces into aesthetic tales, nuanced with emotions - an artistic wall makes the space look attractive and well throughout. I personally opt for monochrome paintings, abstract art, or Pinterest-worthy illustrations.

With valuable inputs from Pranjal Agarwal, CEO of the premium Jaipur-based home decor label Hèrmosa Design Studio

Dreamcatcher Themed Lamp

The monochromatic hand-woven, dream catcher-inspired design gives a protective feeling to the space. A sense of closure and proximity provides the space by scrapping off any bad omens. Its elementary design complements all types of furniture and aesthetics surrounding them.

Macrame Mirror Wall Hanging

Sunrays Macramé Wall Hanging with Mirror

Sunrays Macramé Wall Hanging with Mirror


The product will add an artistic touch spurted across by its vivacious and intrinsic design. Each knot is carefully crafted with boasts of perfection. The piece can embellish your reading corner, bedroom as well as living space.

Wall Rugs Are In!

This is one of my prized possessions since it’s a hand-knotted and handcrafted piece of art that involves contemporary and traditional elegance intervened in the threads of the rug. The rug itself describes its audacity in terms of colors, texture and lightens up the space.

Add The Rustic Charm Of Wood

The urbanized and contemporary designed furniture is known for its enticing beauty and alluring attention of all eyes. It will leave you awestruck by its magnificence. The craftsmanship in grains and the natural properties of wood adds uniqueness and fineness to any space.

A Contemporary Piece Of Art

Wall Art White Window Frame Art

Wall Art White Window Frame Art


The product celebrates the vibrancy and robustness of Indian culture which merges with organic and traditional architecture. Its energy and impact of the combination highlight the whole essence of the room. This art piece creates a focal point to the space.

Play With Patterns

Blue Jamdan Wall Art

Blue Jamdan Wall Art


This product is vividly patterned and is traditionally woven on a handloom by craftspeople with little tassels placed adjacently to create a flow in the space. The motifs are inspired by traditional Mughal prints and revive the same heritage element in the room. This piece is apt for creating a cozy corner or on a subtle faced wall for its serenity colors and texture.

Wall Lamp For Bedtime Readers

A perfect lamp for all bedside readers, this product adds panache and elegance to the space along with functionality. It’s truly appetizing to the eyes when it comes to its pattern of lighting, coverage, visual aesthetics, and the very look and feel of it.