With high-end international brands and stores, Juicy Couture being their latest entrant, Palladium Mall is possibly one of the most expensive malls in the city. So we decided to give ourselves a challenge of shopping there for under INR 10,000.


Photo source: ZARA

Photo source: ZARA INDIA

The best thing to happen to India {after Forever 21 OBVIOUSLY}, this Spanish brand is the typical high-end fashion priced decently.

And The Winner Is

We decided to pick up an off-the-shoulder denim top from their premium collection for INR 2,490, because why not {denim season, right?}. We think it’ll look fabulous with a pair of shorts, jeans or even a skirt.

Damages: INR 2,490, which leaves us with INR 7590 left to buy more stuff with.

Bobbi Brown

Photo source : Bobbi Brown

Photo source : Bobbi Brown

We love Bobbi Brown, mainly for their darker shades that are perfect for the Indian skin colour. Tempted by the beautiful lipstick display, we went inside. Though definitely on the upper end of the price range, we were really tempted by their luxury lip colours line, especially the ‘Best shades for India’ they had assembled in a corner.

We took the plunge, and after spending whole 15 minutes trying on different colours, settled on our two favourite shades, Plum Brandy 16 and Crimson 16. We went ahead with plum brandy for INR 2,100, perfect for our next glam night out.

Damages: Another blow of INR 2,100, we were left with INR 5,490 to go with.


Photo source : SEPHORA

Photo source : SEPHORA

Next up, on the same floor, is this French cosmetics brand with its only Mumbai store in the Palladium mall. From their skincare products to perfumes, we knew we had to pick up something from here. Their range of mineral-based compacts is to die for, especially for humid weather. We settled on Sephora matifying powder compact for INR 1,170.

Happy with our choice, we headed to our next stop.

Damages: INR 1,170 minus INR 5,490, there’s still INR 4,320 to go

Global Desi

Photo source : Global Desi

Photo source : GLOBAL DESI

With their celebrated collection from Anita Dogre House of Designs, Global Desi has a vibrant boho-inspired clothing, accessories and footwear to choose from. Their accessories had a quirky desi touch to them, and we went for it. We picked up two accessories from there, a beaded green necklace for INR 699 and a gorgeous floral printed scarf for INR 699.

Damages: Having spent INR 1,398 in total here, we were left with INR 2,922 now.


Photo Source : Accessorize

Photo source : Accessorize

True to its name, Accessorize has a crazy collection of earrings, chunky bags, floral scarfs and lots more. Though we were pressed for our budget now, we decided to make the best use of it. We caught hold of this quirky notepad in the shape of a classic Red Telephone Booth of London. For INR 445, we were the proud owners of this cute notepad, ready for the next to-do list.

Damages: INR 445 minus INR 2,922, we had INR 2,477.

Pure Home & Living

Photo source : PURE Home+living

Photo source : PURE Home+living

Since we wanted to pick up something cheap yet memorable, we headed for their sweet smelling candles section. Their scented candles collection has apple cinnamon, orange, morning Lavender, vanilla, and loads of other flavours. We added pink coloured round apple cinnamon one to our shopping basket.

Damages: INR 380 minus 2,477, we still had INR 2,097 to go.


Photo souce: Kiehl's

Photo souce: Kiehl’s

On our way back, we stopped at Kiehl’s for a little bit of window shopping. However, we ended it with picking up Kiehl’s Ultimate Hand Salve, which is a non-scented moisturising hand cream. It’s creamy and thick and easily absorbs into the hands.

Damages: INR 1,000 minus INR 2,097, it left us with INR 1,097.

Phew, after all this shopping, we were hungry and still had INR 1,097 to spare. Satisfied with our accomplishments and shopping bags, we headed to Café Moshe’s and got ourselves Café Mocha and sandwiches purely to celebrate the day.

Featured Photo: Accessorize India