Ten-Second Takeaway

If you love whiskey and a good deal, this is for you. One of our favourite watering holes in Bandra, One Street Over, is having an epic deal this Saturday night, with Jameson whiskey cocktails and shots for amazing prices.

What What?


Yes, it’s true. Cocktails will be sold for INR 250, and shots for INR 150 {inclusive of taxes} for this one night only. The cocktails for the night include PB + Jameson {Jameson; peanut butter; vanilla syrup and fresh cream}, Kelvinator {Jameson, martini rosso and Campari}, Young Kel {Jameson, ginger syrup, lemon and mint} and the Dublin Sour {Jameson, lemon, sugar, red wine and sweet vermouth}.

Guests can also try one {or many} of the tempting shots, which will include: Pic Kel Backs {Jameson and house-made pickle juice} and Purple Drank {vodka, lime, black currant and strawberry}.

So, We’re Saying…


We love One Street Over, especially their amazing cocktails, but their prices do sometimes leave us reeling at the end. This is a good chance to check out this bar. Don’t forget to try the food as well – their non-vegetarian tacos are to die for.

Where: One Street Over, ground floor, 35th Street, Off of Linking Road, Khar {West}

When: 7pm onwards, Sat, Nov 5

Cost: INR 250 for cocktails, INR 150 for shots

Check out the bar’s Facebook page for more information here.

Photos source: One Street Over