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Sip On The Goodness Of Ayurvedic Herbs With This Homegrown Tea Brand!

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What Makes It Awesome

I don’t like a warm cup of tea- said NO ONE ever! Tea is not only the perfect companion that we need for our everyday hustle but also offers a much-needed break when we’re stressed out. We wake up, we need a cup of tea. Need a break? Have tea! Need to catch up with friends? Meet ‘em over a cup of tea! And this time, our love for tea, helped us discover a homegrown brand - Shistaka, that is all about delicious, organic ayurvedic teas! 

Shistaka produces healthy teas that taste divine and are full of spices and herbs. Their green tea leaves are plucked from the luscious tea estates in Nilgiris. However, their specialty lies in the organic ayurvedic herbs used in the teas. They have a variety of blends, one of them being the Lemon Ginger Infusion which we hear keeps your heart healthy and even helps keep your weight in check. The second is their Turmeric Ginger and Basil blend that helps fight arthritis, improves cardio-vascular & respiratory health too. We then have the Detox, that has powerful antioxidants, aids in digestion & most importantly, is said to build your immunity.

There are a few most interesting blends too, like Goodnight Sleep, Tulsi Brahmi, Rose Blossoms, Miraculous Green, Lemon Ginger and Aromatic Masala that’s supposed to help in reducing stress, acts as an antioxidant, improves digestion and respiratory health. While all of these teas have incredible health benefits, they also taste delectable too. 

They follow green packaging & biodegradable production which is sustainable and earthy. And it’s all hygienic too. All in all it’s a win-win for all the tea lovers. You get to sip on some amazing tea and take care of your health too.  


You could get a pack of 25 tea bags for one of the flavours OR a pack of 8 flavours if you’re in the mood for something new - everyday! They’re available on Shop On LBB. Go, grab your cuppa organic Shistaka Teas!