Ten-Second Takeaway

Shivaji Park’s newest multi-cuisine eatery, Sizzle House, opens today and is ready to serve hungry foodies some delicious and unique sizzlers, burgers, pizzas and much more.

Chow Down

Shivaji Park is sure getting cooler by the day. The founders of Open House, Quarter House, Home Chef and The Cake Studio have now opened yet another restaurant in Shivaji Park called Sizzle House. This new eatery will cook up amazing sizzlers from around the world, one-pot meals, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, salads and a lot more comfort food at affordable rate. Moreover, they plan to reinvent local cuisine and cook it up in their own unique style.

Expect to see sizzlers such as Li & Perins grilled lamb chops {INR 425}, grilled fish steak {INR 450}, lemon garlic chicken skewers {INR 400}, cheese pav bhaji {INR 285}, classic veggie cutlet {INR 300}, etc; one-pot meals like English ghee roast chicken {INR 300}, grilled basa paella {INR 285} and baked palak paneer {INR 300]; burgers and sandwiches such as Bombay duck burger {INR 300}, mushroom melt {INR 285}, and a whole lot more. Their appetisers, too, are delectable, as are their desserts, with the tiramisu {INR 250} and almond hazelnut bomb {INR 250} being highly recommended.

Their portions are decently sized, and completely value for money. They restaurant in 100 per cent food centric, what with there being no alcohol here, but there’s always Open House and Quarter House for that, right? It’s convenient and easy to reach location, with provisions for parking, is another reason to get to this place soon.

So We’re Saying…

For those who love food, here’s a brand new restaurant for you to check out. Go here to eat their tasty and flavourful meals and enjoy a pub crawl in the area after.

Photos courtesy: Sizzle House