Travel Like A Local: Skip The Touristy Goa And Head To These Offbeat Places Instead

    What Is It?

    What Spain is to Britain, is what Goa is to all of us mortal travellers in India. It’s breezy, sandy and surprisingly doesn’t cost us a bomb to fly to. Though in the past decade, Goa has gained the reputation of being a commercial holiday destination. So, we dug around and spoke to a few Goan residents and got their recommendations of places they recommend you hit up next time you’re in Goa. As they say, when in Goa, do what the Goans do…

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    What's New In Goa Then?

    Lets us break it down for you, step by step. Rather than your regular Brittos, Curlies and Anjuna beach that you may end up hitting every single time, we have broken up the places you should hit up instead. There’s history, road trips and local eateries that you need to get on your itinerary.

    First up, take a walk down the Church of Holy Spirit in Margao – a towering white Portuguese structure built way back in 1675. The church in itself is a marvelous wonder that needs to be explored, however there are other old houses and mansions that one can check out around the church. It’s also called Margao’s Latin Quarter.  You can get your cameras out here and get clicking. Because #Instagoals.

    A Roadtrip To Cabo de Rama

    One of the best things you can do in Goa is a roadtrip to Cabo De Rama in Canacona down south. The view that you get en route is worth the drive, especially whilst going downhill.

    #LBBTip: While at it, you can try visiting the Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, which does offer cheap accommodation for the wildlife enthusiast. To book the cottages, call +918322965601

    A Visit To A Local Goan Bakery

    Another must-visit place in Goa is Loutolim, home to the popular and underrated Jila bakery for their delicious baked goodies. We recommend the chocolate eclairs – though be warned, you may have to order it in advance lest you want to be disappointed.

    Take Goa's Longest Ferry Ride

    Something that the locals definitely suggest tourists do, is hop on a ferry ride from Cortalim point near Zuari bridge to the Madkai ferry point. Supposedly the longest ferry route in Goa, this one lets you check out the species of birds Goa is home to.

    If you want to explore the area a bit, walk down around the village and head back.

    Explore Old Goa

    Old Goa is the past that’s still on and about. Things to visit: Capella de monte {chapel on a hill}, Divar island for Portugese houses, ferry to old Goa jetty for amazing Goan views, and of course, the Mandovi river that separates Divar and old Goa.

    #LBBTip: Divar is famous for Bonderam festival which happens annually during the monsoons. Our tip? Explore it on foot or on a bicycle.

    Galgibag Beach

    Galgibaga Beach

    Canacona, Goa

    Locally known as the turtle beach, this one is for anyone who loves all things nature and wants to know more about the turtles that reside here.

    The inhabitants of this beach are the Olive Ridleys that breed here. It’s an absolute pristine beach {often deserted} and home to these endangered species.

    #LBBTip: It’s possible to cover 3 Kings church, Da Tita’s, Cabo {via the seaside village}, Cotigao, Jila, Old Goa, Divar route in a two-day road trip. The best month would be October, post the monsoon to skip the heat and humidity.

    Stay At This 700-Year-Old Homestay

    One of the most underrated homestays and an architectural wonder is the 700-year old Figueiredo house in the tiny village of Loutoulim in south Goa. Built in 1590, this is also a homestay where you can shack up at. Yes, the family opens up this house to visitors and that too for an affordable price.

    Price: INR 4,000 including breakfast per night.


    Special thanks to Raj Kunkolienkar and Nolan aka resident Goan for their expert inputs.