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Polar Bears, Donuts & More: This Instagram Account Sells Adorable Pyjama Sets

Nupur posted on 22nd December

Ten-Second Takeaway

We stumbled upon PixieFly, a shopping account that sells cutesy night suits with zany prints. We explore why you should order one.

What To Buy

Rise and Shine! #glowlikeagoddess #socomfy #nightwear #cuteprints #riseandshine

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#TeamSweatpants has arrived in its full glory with PixieFly, an Instagram account that has the cutest night suits. From Christmassy designs to polar bears and ice-cream {and donuts}, they have PJs, T-shirts and even kaftans.

Celebrities are often seen sporting a pair on their Instagram accounts. Tired of wearing those worn out jammies to bed? Done with sporting the ‘too-tired-to-do-anything’ look with that T-shirt that has a hole? Try donning comfy night pants instead. The pant suits are priced at INR 1,950 and you can also grab pajamas at INR 900 and shorts at INR 650.

So, We're Saying...

These make for a great gifting choice since the festive season is on. Gift them to your girlfriend/friend/sister or for yourself – ’tis the season after all!

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