Slice, Bite, or Scoop! Get 100% of Your Daily Vitamin C From Zespri Kiwifruit


    What Makes It Awesome

    Hunger pangs in the middle of the day are quite a struggle, especially when you’re working from home and trying to eat healthy. We understand this and got you a perfect healthy snack (fruit) full of Vitamin C and much more from Zespri. That’s their Sungold Kiwifruit which you can simply slice, scoop or eat whole any time of the day to keep your healthy irresistible.

    Zespri’s Sungold Kiwifruit is an incredible fruit that’s not only sweet, juicy, and delicious but super healthy too. Here are some benefits that will blow your mind, this golden fruit is a great source of Vitamin C which boosts the immune system and takes care of 100% of your daily recommended dose.

    Filled with natural antioxidants and Vitamin E, it helps protect your cells from damage and keeps your skin glowing. Isn’t that amazing? Kiwifruit has fibres and  enzymes that also help in maintaining and improving digestive health. Apart from that, this natural fruit from Zespri also helps your muscles function well and helps maintain blood pressure levels. All these health benefits in one tiny fruit and it tastes good, too!

    So, next time you get Zespri’s Sungold kiwifruit don’t hesitate to add it to your smoothie, salad or make your own recipe. With just 63Kcal this fruit is a perfect treat for all the fitness lovers and weight watchers.


    Next time you feel like snacking on something sweet, tasty and healthy pick the real kiwifruit with Zespri label on it so you know you’re buying the real deal.