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    Get Customised & Healthy Snack Boxes Delivered To Office With This Cool Brand

    Shalvi posted on 27 September


    You can now get a curated snack box packed with five delicious and healthy snacks that will both, take care of your hunger in an instant, and not allow you an excuse to eat junk.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Do you find yourself munching on chips just because you’re bored? Does the work stress make you binge eat on junk? Now, bid adieu to all those worries because we’ve just found Snack Experts, a web portal that gives snack subscription boxes for all those who love munching.

    Look forward to ragi twisters, oats and nuts laddoo, sweet seeds mix, papaya and berry mix, kiwi amla bonanza, figgy chips and nuts and much more. You could order these monthly subscription boxes as is or even customise them. You can get a trial box at INR 150 or the standard box at INR 699 per month. Or get their Smart snacker pack at INR 1,799 for three boxes.


    Why eat junk if you have the option to eat amazing, yet healthy food? subscribe to Snack Experts boxes now.

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