Are Healthy Snack Subscriptions Worth It? We Tried Them All

Brown paper packages tied up with string aren’t just {one of} Julie Andrew’s favourite things. We love them too, especially when they enclose our other favourite thing – food. With the aim of combating mid-email cravings we decided to order every single supposedly ‘healthy’ snack subscription box in town so we could pick the best one. Excessive, you say? We prefer thorough.

And the contenders are: Snackible, The Nibble Box, and Fab Box.


First up is Snackible. This subscription snack box has a lot to prove: with claims to revolutionalise healthy snacking, and options ranging from a la carte to monthly, this is not a box to be messed with.

We dove in with the cinnnamon waffle with honey twig, dark chocolate power bars, french vanilla and almond granola crunchers, roasted mexican chickpeas, cream and onion wholewheat thins. These weighed between 55 gram and 100 grams each.

The package arrived in a cute square box with a personalised note and menu in it. We are rooting for the granola crunchers, in which vanilla made all the difference; the cinnamon wholewheat waffle which was too good to be healthy; the high-protein cream and onion chips {though one of us did think that it could have been a little lighter and softer to chew} and even the simple masala chickpeas. The only thing we didn’t love was the dark chocolate bars which were too dry.

Price: INR 299 for one weekly trial box

The Nibble Box

And in this corner, the Nibble Box, which is all about home-styled nibbles. There’s no deciding which snacks we want here. We just choose our taste and preferences, and they pop up with four surprise snacks a box. Keep in mind that cash-on-delivery is not an option here.

The Nibble Box came in a green and brown box, with four snacks – All Natural Breakfast Granola, Chilli Chatters, Melon Marquee and Garlicky Galley. We got the all-natural breakfast granola, which did taste just like muesli {185 calories for 75 grams}.

We couldn’t stop eating the Chilli Chatters, which were mini makhanas with red chilli. The Melon Marquee was a mix of cashew nuts,black currants, kiwi and watermelon seeds, which many of us liked for the sweet tinge. The Garlicky galley was an assortment of chickpeas, rising, peanuts and seeds: but honestly wasn’t all that garlicky. The portions here were smaller, between 40-80 grams of each snack.

Price: INR 700 for a 2-week plan, INR 1,199 for a 3-month subscription, INR 3,299 for a six-month subscription

Fab Box

And finally, the once-a-month Fab Box, which features five snacks {chosen from over 50}.

The chef called us before making our box to ask our preference and based on that, he sent us Tangy jalapeno peanuts, cranberry bars, chocolate cashews, honey-roasted almonds, and roasted melange mix lime. The cranberry bar was the fruit fix of the box with four bars in the packet. We liked that it wasn’t too sweet to eat.

We found the peanuts not low in calories {600 calories for a 100 grams}, but high in yummies. The roasted melange mix was a combo of multigrain seeds and pulses and gets a thumbs-up. Both the chocolate cashews and almonds were great snacks, but the chocolate cashews did feel a little indulgent.

Though it comes expensive at INR 999 for a one time box, we did keep in mind that each is 150 grams and is packed with rich ingredients such as dry fruits.

Price: INR 999 for a one-time box, INR 2,849 for a 3 month subscription and INR 5,399 for a 6 month subscription

The Winner Takes All

After much trying, tasting, speculation and deliberation {translation: wolfing said food items down}, we’ll have to say that Snackible won the Snack-Off, in terms of fastest delivery, price and yum factor, also we loved the colourful little labels they had on their packing. Next came along Fabbox – which, though expensive, seemed legitimately healthy, delicious and something that would keep the rumblings at bay. And lastly, the Nibble Box – which also had prompt service and was well packed, but we found a little lacking in its flavours and quantity.