Looking For The Perfect Snack Hamper To Gift? Here Are Best Brands To Pick From


    If this festive season, you are in a mood to gift some healthy (or unhealthy) snacks to your loved ones and are super confused then fret not as we have something for you. We were in the same boat too and so, we have compiled a list of some of the best places from where you can order snacks - from mithai to healthy protein bars, and to yum cookies, we've got you covered!

    Cha Cha

    Sparkler Festive Hamper

    Sparkler Festive Hamper


    Known to curate the best local finds from across India, ChaCha has got super cool festive hampers that are only available to shop on LBB. We are loving their Sparkler Festive Hamper that includes, Graimway Ragi Chips, Nutty Yogi Makhana, Brew House Ice Tea, Mo's Bakery Cookies, Norfest Gulab Jamun, and Assorted Mateo Tea Box - isn't it cool?

    The Best Part: Only available on LBB!

    Price: INR 999

    Fab Box

    Buy Healthy Snacks From Fab Box

    Fab Box gives you the option of getting snack bars, healthy trail mixes, buts, and cookies, too. Not everything is 100% healthy, but do snacks have to be? We don't think so! The stuff we found super interesting are the Green Chilli Cashews, the Nutty Orange Protein Bars, and the Slimming Green Tea!

    The Best Part: The sheer amount of options you have.

    Price: Starting at INR 449


    Snacks from Daadi's

    Snacks from Daadi's

    This another homegrown brand has such a wide and exciting variety to offer that you wouldn't mind spending on it. While apart from the singles, they have got different combos according to the flavour combinations that you'd prefer. They have got super-yum Khakhra combos or Bhakhri combos and the best is that you could do a combo of three from each category and trust us, your gifting is sorted!

    The Best Part: They even have delicious laddoos!

    Price: Starting at INR 210

    Slurrp Farm

    Healthy Snacks Options from Slurrp farm

    Healthy Snacks Options from Slurrp farm

    Offering delicious and healthy food options, you must be well-aware about the excellent products that Slurrp Farm does. The good thing that at LBB, they have a lot of combos available that are perfect to gift to any of your friends who are into healthy eating. One of their best combos is the one that includes Spinach Dosa, Choco-Chip Pancake, Cheese & Herbs Munch, Choco Ragi Puff, and Tangy Tomato Munch - isn't that exciting? And well, you can always gift wrap it!

    The Best Part: Just in case your friends have kids - it's super healthy for them too!

    Price: Starting at INR 298

    The Whole Truth

    The whole truth Healthy Snacks

    The whole truth Healthy Snacks

    We love The Whole Truth for a number of reasons. Firstly, their bars are tasty and also rich in protein, secondly, they contain no preservatives, and thirdly - amazing flavours! They have got boxes of different flavours or they even have boxes of a particular flavour (six bars in one box) so, you can choose accordingly.

    The Best Part: You could even add those to your smoothies.

    Price: Starting at INR 600 (for a box)

    Mo's Bakery

    Snacks from Mo's bakery

    Snacks from Mo's bakery

    Located in Delhi, Mo's Bakery does petite cookies in the yummiest of flavours. They have got Raspberry Jam cookies, Beetroot and Dark Chocolate cookies, coffee cookies, rosemary cookies, lemon cookies, and so many other flavours that you won't be able to resist ordering. Available to shop in singles, they even have gift boxes in set of three or six that you'd be able to order (perfect for gifting, right?).

    The Best Part: They take special care in sourcing their raw ingredients. 

    Price: Starting at INR 396

    Omay Foods

    Healthy Snacks Options from Omay foods

    Healthy Snacks Options from Omay foods

    With snacks prepared using classic roasting techniques, Omay Foods has got a wide (read:huge) variety of ready-to-eat snacks available for you. While they have packs of four or six, they even have celebration boxes that are going to prove ideal for gifting. They have one such box that includes Khatta Meetha jar, seeds and lentils jar, beaten chana jar, and navratan jar which we have heard is super delicious.

    The Best Part: These special gift boxes come with a greeting card

    Price: Starting at INR 445

    The Gourmet Jar

    Mini Happiness Box

    Mini Happiness Box


    Who wouldn't love a nice package of sauces, spreads, and preserves? Well, we all do, right? The Gourmet Jar does delicious Basil Pesto, Strawberry Preserve, Rum jams, and for gifting purposes, they have a box of mini jars which is a box full of happiness (trust us). 

    The Best Part: All of their products are handmade in small batches and hence, quality is top-notch.

    Price: Starting at INR 360


    Healthy Snacks Options from Misht

    Healthy Snacks Options from Misht

    We all love mithai, let's not deny that and which is why we love Misht. Misht does preservative free mithais such as pedas, milk cakes, barfi, and a lot more that we are sure your gifting will be sorted. Their assorted sweets pack is carefully wrapped in different pods and does not even require refrigeration (cool, right?).

    The Best Part: They even have delicious cookies that you can try.

    Price: Starting at INR 375


     Snackible - shop at best prices online | lbb

    Snackible - shop at best prices online | lbb

    Snackible claims to revolutionalise healthy snacking, and options ranging from a la carte to monthly, this is not a box to be messed with! It all comes in a cute square box with a personalised note and menu in it. You can choose from snacks that are sweet and savoury. They've got everything from makhana, to dry waffles, to granola bars.

    The Best Part: They're all pretty healthy, because nothing they offer is fried!

    Price: Starting at INR 150

    Brownsalt Bakery

     Brownsalt - shop at best prices online | lbb

    Brownsalt - shop at best prices online | lbb

    If you have been looking for super healthy snack boxes to gift for coming Diwali season, we would definitely suggest you to pick some from Brownsalt. They have got a wide range and have tons to offer. You can choose between cookies or different granola flavours. Also, they even do bespoke gifting boxes for corporate event and weddings so, make sure to bookmark them. 

    The Best Part: The variety

    Price: Starting at INR 750 (for a box consisting of wholesome snacks)


    Buy Imported Snacks From Snackstar

    An online haven for international snacks, Snackstar has got everything from Cheetos to Oreos to Hershey's and SO much more. These folks have great Gift Baskets during festivals. Each containing a bunch of assorted chocolates, chips, beverages, cereals, spreads and just about everything a true snacker would need. 

    The Best Part: Imported snacks

    Price: Starting at INR 2,000