Stuck At Home? Get Snacking With These Subscription Boxes

    We're all indoors. Either working from home, binge-watching, catching up with friends on calls or simply pursing that hobby for which we finally have the time. You know what keeps us going - munching! Now, like us, we're sure most of you love having something light (yet filling) to munch on while you're in between meals, so we conjured up this list of great snack subscription boxes you'll be thankful for. Whether you're trying to eat healthier or not, read on!



    Available on LBB

    Snackible claims to revolutionalise healthy snacking, and options ranging from a la carte to monthly, this is not a box to be messed with! It all comes in a cute square box with a personalised note and menu in it. You can choose from snacks that are sweet and savoury. They've got everything from makhana, to dry waffles, to granola bars.

    The Best Part: They're all pretty healthy, because nothing they offer is fried!

    Price: INR 40 - 300 for 200 gms, across their range. They've got a 'Stay At Home' box too which includes 8 snack boxes for INR 499.

    Fab Box

    Fab Box

    Available Online

    Fab Box gives you the option of getting snack bars, healthy trail mixes, buts, and cookies, too. Not everything is a 100% healthy, but do snacks have to be? We don't think so! The stuff we found super interesting is the Green Chilli Cashews, the Nutty Orange Protein Bars, and the Slimming Green Tea!

    The Best Part: The sheer amount of options you have.

    Price: It's slightly pricey, starting at INR 179. The Best Seller Box (which has 5 items) costs INR 1,199



    Available on LBB

    Poshtick is one of those pure subscription box services. They've even got a specific Diabetic-Friendly box, and a Finge box, which is calorie-controlled, and comes with green tea! We'd recommend the Chocolate Chia Granola, the Turkish mix, and the Bran-Vanilla cookies.

    The Best Part: If you're on a strict diet, they've counted the calories for you!

    Price: The Trial Box costs INR 199, and the monthly diabetic box costs INR 1,799.

    SnackBox Wala

    This one's meant for the HR employee who's been scrolling through this, wondering what to do about snacks. Another pure subscription-based service, SnackBox Wala basically sends Indian snacks but with a healthy twist. Now what truly makes them different is the fact that they send REAL food as snacks. They've got Sev Puri, Ragda Pattice, Idli, Wada Pav and Chilli Cheese Toast, too!

    The Best Part: Hot Ragda Pattice at your doorstep? Yes, please.

    Price: It starts at INR 75 per plate.


    Ye wala thhoda pocket-friendly hai, and they bring you healthy snacks every week, delivered to your doorstep. The range is pretty wide, crackers and dips, nut mixes as usual, fruit roll-ups, and even tea cakes. Your order will come in every Monday!

    The Best Part: We adore the fact that they've ventured into dips! That's something the others don't offer.

    Price: It starts at INR 450 for a month, going up to INR 2,350 for a whole quarter.