Feeling Snacky? Here's Our Pick Of The Best Places To Order From When You're At Home


    In these crazy times, if there is one thing that motivates us to keep going, it is good food. And we all know what it's like to get struck by those hunger pangs in the middle of the day or when you are staying up to finish that crazy deadline. Here's our pick of places to order snacks from, when hunger strikes. Keep munching! 

    P.S: You can also stock up on dry snacks from Shop on LBB. We've got some healthy options too, to fix your craving! 

    Fresh Menu, All Outlets


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    Fresh Menu is an office favourite because they are oh-so-convenient and easy to order from. What's great about them is that their menu is full of a variety of options across cuisines, so you can pretty much pick as per your craving. There's healthy options like the fresh fruit bowl, wraps, sandwiches and more. If you want something more substantial, you can pick from their option of mains- Butter Chicken or Dragon Noodle With Dumplings. The menu changes regularly. 

    What to order: Muesli Yogurt Parfait, Ultimate Burrito Bowl, Nizami Chicken Biryani

    Shell Out: INR 500 for two

    Faasos, All Outlets


    Available Online

    There's no way that you haven't seen a Faasos outlet around town. These delivery and take-out eateries have locations across town. We love their wraps for a quick tea-time snack - the chatpata chole wrap is a fast favourite. You can also order complete meals like their Rice Feast when a wrap simply doesn't feel like enough. 

    What to order: Chatpate Chole Wrap & Chicken Biryani

    Shell Out: INR 450 for two

    Box8, All Outlets


    Available Online

    Box8 is another popular one for a quick bite or even a hearty meal when hunger strikes during work hours (even if you're working from home!). Their menu has options for mini-meals, all-in-one meals, desi box, dum biryani, parantha wraps and more. Plus in these times, they've got a zero-contact delivery in place as well.

    What to order: All Desi Boxes and Dum Biryani

    Shell Out: INR 400 for two

    Charcoal Eats, All outlets

    Charcoal Eats

    Available Online

    If you love Indian fare, then you can check out Charcoal Eats. They've got outlets across multiple cities and deliver across the city. Think biryanis, rolls, starters, tandoori fare and more. The menu is pretty comprehensive for North Indian fare and you can get a quick bite or order a full-fledged meal.

    What to order: Rice Bowls, Rolls, Pav Wow, Afghani Chicken Biryani

    Shell Out: INR 500 for two 

    Little Food Daily, Multiple Outlets

    If healthy eating is more your speed and you're looking for a calorie-conscious way to snack, then you should definitely check out Little Food Daily. Think healthy bowls, salads, Keto meals and more. They offer a daily meal subscription service too that you can sign up for. 

    What to order: Burritos, Hummus Wraps, Healthy Bowls

    Shell Out: INR 600 for two

    Kolkata Rolls, Multiple Outlets

    Kolkata Rolls

    Thane Area, Mumbai

    There's a reason that Kolkata street rolls are famous. And we get that you can't travel in these tough times to fill that craving. That's where this delivery spot comes in. They've got a wide variety of rolls available from classic egg rolls and chicken kosha rolls to veg options like mix veg roll. Perfect for a hearty tea-time snack.

    What to order: Egg Roll, Chicken Kosha Roll, Laccha Paranthas

    Shell Out: INR 300 for two

    Dimsum Momo Express, Multiple Outlets

    We know we all miss our favourite momo joints (which we can't get to now with quarantine and lockdown in place). But if you just can't do without your momo fix, this delivery joint has a wide variety of options you can try out. Late night momo cravings 

    What to order: Regular Chicken Momo, Crystal Prawn Hakka, Chopped Vegetables With Water Chestnut

    Shell Out: INR 500 for two

    Fatoush, Multiple Outlets


    Kharghar, Mumbai

    We love a good shwarma as an evening or mid-day snack. And if you've been craving one yourself you can go ahead and order in from Fatoush. We love how convenient these are for a mid-day snack or a late-night accompaniment with your binge-watching session. 

    What to order: Lebanese Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Seekh Shawarma, Shawarma Platter

    Shell Out: INR 350 for two