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Sugar Free or Full Of Protein: 6 Best Snack Brands For Every Mood & Diet

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We know that any time is snack time. But sometimes we get hit by those oh-so-specific cravings. If you are a moody snacker (like us!), we hear you. Check out these brands that have you sorted no matter what your snacking mood is - whether your mood is sweet or salty, you'll find something to munch on here. 

Need healthy breakfast, energy bars and spreads? Try 9 Grams

With exactly 9 grams of protein per serving, this brand is here to give you super yum energy bars, nut butter, muesli and some healthy seeds for a perfect breakfast everyday! 

Their delicious range of protein and nutrition infused food is perfect for balanced snacking, breakfasts or daily meals. Whether you want to grab a quick snack like their Energy Bars or indulge in some decadence with their divine Almond Butter or Honey Coconut Peanut Butter - 9 Grams has got you covered! Oh, did we tell you they have amazing combos and gifting packs too.

Checkout their Instagram to know more!

Breakkie Anytime? Try Monsoon Harvest

Monsoon Harvest makes munchies made with sustainable, local ingredients like millets, amaranth and palmyra sugar. They make crunchy muesli, cereal mixes and snacks that are great for breakfast or midday meals. All their products are made in small batches, by a workforce of women.

What To Try: Breakfast bars, Toasted Millet Muesli, Oat Clusters & Multigrain Flakes

In The Mood For Something Sweet? There's The Snack Company

Snack Co. is all about making those mini-meals as nutritious as possible. With old-school flavours, healthy combos, and munchies that won't make you feel guilty, they've got more than the usual overly salty and potentially unhealthy dry snacks. If you have a sweet tooth, but don't want to pack-on the calories, try their multi-seed oat cookies, nutty loaded granola or dark chocolate granola.

What To Try: Multi-seed Oat Cookie, Dark Chocolate Granola, Filter Coffee Cookie With Cinnamon

In The Mood To Slather Some Bread? It's Time For The Gourmet Jar

Bread. A slice of delicious, fresh toasted bread slathered with a generous helping of preserve or maybe a piquant mustard with cheese definitely sounds like one of my happy places. If it sounds like it could be yours too, then bookmark the Gourmet Jar, a brand making artisanal preserves, condiments and sauces that we're eyeing for our brekkie. These are made with organic, natural ingredients and minimum sugar. 

What To Try: Strawberry Preserve, Honey Mustard, Olive Tapenade

Mood Calls For Tasty Namkeens? Try Born Reborn

Namkeens are an essential tea-time snack, right? But if you aren't a huge fan of all those fried options and are looking for something healthier, try out Born Reborn. They've got a great range of snacks including cereals, oats, granola and namkeens like jowar puffs.

What To Try: Quinoa Triangles, Oats & Jowar Puffs, Ragi Waves, Jowar Puffs

In The Mood For Healthy Munchies? Try Nutty Yogi

Guilt-free snacking is made super easy thanks to Bangalore-based brand, Nutty Yogi. Made with organic, healthy ingredients that are packed with nutrients, their snacks are not only perfect for all-day munching but also good for you. Besides snacks, they also have a selection of herbal teas like the Energy Tea, Anti-Allergy Tea, And Nirvaana Anti-Stress Tea.

What To Try: Minty Peppery Zesty Makhana, Very Berry Anti-oxidant Trail Mix, Raagi Punch Khakhra