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Joy To The World: Bar Stock Exchange Is Opening A Branch In Juhu


The Bar Stock Exchange and Mr. Baozi are set to open in a 10,000 sq ft area in Juhu this November.

The Deets

The biggest Bar Stock Exchange yet, the 10,000 sq ft property will be equally divided between BSE and Mr. Baozi. Presently, work is underway at both places, which plan to offer a unique dining and pubbing experience to their patrons {Juhu peeps, drinks can start as cheap as INR 17 at BSE}. We’re told that the BSE here will also have a unique theme – the entire property will be based on the look and feel of a school {imagine yourself in a school playground, and see our insider pictures to get a quick glimpse} and promises to transport you back to childhood.

Mr. Baozi, on the other hand, will derive inspiration from a South-East Asian country to showcase the best Asian fare. The two places will open doors to guests in the first week of November.

So We're Thinking...

We can’t wait for the BSE and Mr. Baozi to open in Juhu. With bigger and better space and unique themes, these two are going to be flooded with people from day one. Meanwhile, we’ll just wait to get entry.