Get A Personalised Fashion And Accessories Subscription With Snob Box


Snob Box is a fashion subscription service for women.

How Does It Work?

You log onto their website, sign up and answer a fun style quiz. This quiz helps the stylists decide what to send you. You will receive a confirmation date and finally, your Snob Box will arrive with five pieces of clothing and/or accessories, along with a note from your personal stylist! Cute, no?

Who's It For?

This is best suited for girls who love all things fashion, who love surprises and who don’t find the time to go out there and shop.

What’s unique is their detailed style quiz. It really helps them build your profile and send you wonderful stuff that’ll end up looking great on you. The personal note and the free fashion magazine that they throw in doesn’t hurt, either.

So, We're Saying...

It’s an online store, and also has the Cash On Delivery options. You get to choose from a range of budgets, too. If there’s anything you’d like your stylist to know {a favourite trend or your favourite colour}, you can let them know while filling out the quiz.