Be Ready To Go Back In Time With Their Palatial Ambience And A Versatile Menu

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Society by Ambassador Hotel:

Legacy, vintage, heritage, Classy are the few of the things which are associated with the Ambassador group. Being known for decades, the place has won hearts from generations. The palatial ambience, vintage and classy look once you enter, will surely make you realise something special is about to begin.

Ambassador has been one of the most popular heritage places in Mumbai, known for its amazing restaurants and classy accommodation. A location in the heart of the city, attracting event tourists worldwide visiting Mumbai.

Chef Dhairyashil, the man behind creating the menu which has maintained the classic recipe of Ambassador & also created new recipes keeping in sync the theme of the brand. From classic crepes to Italian Spaghetti, fondues, each and every dish is a winner in terms of taste, presentation and flavours. The rich heritage of the place surely stands apart from the current trends of fusion & modern techniques.

Society Restaurant, a place where you will find truly authentic recipes of European, India food & dessert. The ambience has a proper french / European dining experience. Beautifully designed with a piano, amazing cutlery and a menu which takes you back in time.

Modernism to a limited extent by maintaining the lineage is what The Society is all about.

To begin the early dinner, we called for few mocktails & Mini Lavash bread and salsa sauce to accompany. The salsa tasted delicious, lovely texture, rustic and spot-on flavours.


Caesar Salad: The most famous salad, done justice to it in terms of flavours and presentation. Toasted bread to accompany instead of croutons. The salad was perfectly dressed, some parmesan on top. Lettuce was fresh, went perfectly well with toasted bread as a combination.

Chilly Cheese Toast: Double Toast bread with veggies, adding coriander gives an extra edge. The bread is toasted, later mix of cheese, tomato, onion, chilly with coriander baked. This adds the extra crunch to the dish. A simple dish, elevating to a new level, a classic recipe of Society.

Tomato shorbha with water chestnuts: Beautiful tomato shorbha with water chestnuts to give that extra texture. The soup was flavoursome. Love the way the dish was presented.

Kebab Platter: Mix of some of our favourite kebabs on one plate. Fennel scented paneer -Paneer Sofiyani, beautiful aromatic flavours, perfectly cooked, Sheekh kebabs- Loaded with greens, beautiful texture, Tandoori mushroom and baby corn, nice chatapata spice marination with spice tandoori mix, some babay potatoes as well. Also, pahadi marination on Cauliflower. A total winner Kebab platter goes well in terms of variety and selection of different marination for veggies. A must-have for kebab lovers.

Mix Veggies Fondue: Wine with cheese, Tabasco, piping hot served, made live as per order. One of the most authentic fondue we had. The thickness of cheese sauce was next level. Using the finest ingredients is what makes every dish amazing. Accompanied with bread & boiled veggies, a perfect way to begin a meal. Highly Recommended.

Spaghetti Fernandes: Named after the chef who was associated with this heritage place. A recipe which is unique by itself. The sauce itself was a beauty to watch. Flambed with brandy, the sauce was made of cream, onions, garlic, Ketchup, cinnamon, HP sauce and butter. Cinnamon giving the extra punch to the dish. The glaze added the aromatic flavours to the dish. Never had such beautiful Spaghetti. Great job by the chef to retain the dish in the menu. Surely, the best spaghetti we ever tasted. The story behind every dish made our dinner more exciting.

Escalope of vegetable paprika: Pancakes tossed in creamy paprika sauce with asparagus on top. The classical dish of pancakes in gravy tasted delicious. Besan pancakes tasted really nice, where fluffy. The paprika sauce was just amazing.

Kofta Naram dil with Roti basket: Koftas are our favourite. Shredded paneer with some dry fruits, fried with rich cashew gravy, yet mildly spiced. Nice balance of richness and creaminess with spice. The Koftas were perfectly cooked.

Biryani: Saffron flavour aromatic basmati rice with layers of lovely vegetarian on beautiful spice mix. Topped with fried onion to give the caramel crispy flavours.

Last but not least, Dessert:
We decided to call for the house special, Crepe Suzette.
Delicious crepes tossed and glazed with brandy and orange sauce. Little lemon and sugar to make that beautiful zesty orange sauce. Vanilla ice cream served together. We always prefer desserts which are made at live stations, this was perfection. Orange sauce with marmalades, and some crepe and ice cream together, a spoonful for heaven.

The legacy of fine dine surely makes this place stand out from any other place in our recent visit. Having tasted the old recipes, the place sure gives you warmth to come and again.
Chefs selection of different classical dish with so many variations, also adding some modern touch makes this place truly commendable.

Great job by team ambassador.

Highly recommended!