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Sofa So Good: 17 Sofa Sets Under INR 30K, For Every Kind of Indian Home

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A sofa set is usually the first piece of furniture that welcomes your guests, so naturally, it is also the first thing they'll look at. Apart from that it also moonlights as a makeshift bed, plays host on cozy movie nights with BFFs, or just turns into a reading nook.

Choosing the right kind of sofa gives a character to your home. And more often than not, the decision to purchase one is based on factors such as the space at home, your budget, colour preference, and purpose. The sofa you purchase must also complement the color of your walls, and the rest of your furniture. 

While it may seem like a daunting task to choose the best sofa set for your space, we've tried to make things easy for you with some of the best options under 30K, for every kind of Indian home. Read on! 

Corner Or L-Shaped Sofas

Sectional L-Shaped Sofa - Urban Ladder

Bibiana Sectional Fabric Sofa (Blue)

Bibiana Sectional Fabric Sofa (Blue)


Today, when we look at home decorations, L-shaped sofas or corner sofas are frequently used by people who prefer modern and minimalist homes, but also have a bigger space to house bigger sofas. Using these is one of the most effective ways to make the most of a living room, whether it is small or has an expansive space. We found you a grey Waldo fabric sectional sofa from Urban Ladder that seats about 5 people comfortably and can be placed in one corner of the living room area, making room for more decor. L-shaped sofas fit a corner of the room like the perfect piece of the puzzle. 

Shell Out: INR 23,000

Ideal For: Large families or those who host guests often because they can accommodate a large number of people in a relatively small area. These types of sofa sets can also be used to divide your living room into sections. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Gently wiping dry the sofa with a soft cloth in case of any spillage. Do not expose to direct sunlight. Also, avoid using scrub pads on the body.

4 Seater Mazi L-Shaped Sofa - Furbicle

Mazi L-Shaped Sofa

Mazi L-Shaped Sofa


If you're looking for something smaller than the previous options, consider purchasing this accent leatherette grey sofa with plush fabric, from Furbicle. This L-shaped corner sofa fits perfectly near a window or a balcony in your living room and doesn't occupy much space either. 

Shell Out: INR 16,000

Ideal For: Hosting a smaller group of guests, using the L-shaped section as an alternative bed, and placing it in a living room that has walls of a lighter colour. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Gently dusting the body of the sofa with a cloth. Do not bleach, iron, dry clean, or wash the covers of this sofa.

Wooden Sofas

Solid Sheesham Sofa Set - Saraf Furniture

Solid Wood New Crossia Sofa Set


Wood is the dominant material in most sofa sets. It is sturdy, reliable and sleek. Wooden sofas are traditional and are preferred for their durability in most Indian homes too. There's no end to choices when it comes to wooden sofas. Be it the type of wood or cushioning, there's just so much variety. So our first option from Saraf Furniture is the one that gives your home a rustic yet elegant look.  This Crossia sofa set is made of solid Sheesham wood, and its crossed legs add to its beauty. One 3-seater and one 2-seater sofa, this set fits perfectly in a medium-sized home. 

Shell Out: INR 24,999

Ideal For: Compact homes, as their empty-bottom and crossed legs make it look sleek and create an illusion of not taking up much space in Indian homes.

Post-Care Purchase Includes: Cleaning the body with a soft piece of wet cloth. Do not expose the wood to direct sunlight. These vintage and nostalgic sofa varieties aren't meant for outdoor usage since they absorb moisture and start fading when placed under direct sunlight. No regular polishing is needed for this as the wood has a premium finish.

Sheesham Wood Divan - Wooden Street

Angelica Divan with Mattress (Honey Finish)


If getting a regular sofa set isn't your thing and you want to purchase something that doesn't take up too much space in your house, plus can also fit linearly against a wall, then there's nothing better than a wooden Divan from Wooden Street. Made of Sheesham wood, this one comes with a comfy spongy mattress, has solid frames with elegant floral carvings. The curvy legs of this Divan add to the traditional look of Indian homes, thus making it a perfect fit. 

Shell Out: INR 29,949

Ideal For: Indian homes that are looking for a traditional touch, but not a mainstream sofa, to save space but yet host minimal guests. 

Post-Care Purchase Includes: Dusting the furniture regularly. Wipe the wooden surface with a clean microfiber cloth damped in a wood-friendly cleanser. Immediately wipe the moisture with a dry, soft, and lint-free cloth too. 

Fabulous Futons

Futon DIY Sofa + Bed - Wooden Street

Coleman Futon Bed (Two Seater, Indigo Ink)


The word Futon comes from an ancient Japanese word originally referring to a round mat our cushion filled with leaves.  While there's not much of a difference between a futon sofa or a sofa bed, we found this uber cool blue futon sofa from Wooden Street that comes in boxes, and all you've got to do is assemble those to make it either into a bed or a sofa. This Coleman two-seater sofa bed a.k.a futon is an epitome of contemporary style, and is comfortable, has a tufted pattern, and is easily convertible. 

Shell Out: INR 14,989

Ideal For: A home with whitewashed walls, because the blue shade of this piece adds a sense of serenity in your home. Plus it saves up on space too. Use it when to host guests or when you're short of beds. 

Post-Care Purchase Includes: Vacuuming your fabric furniture at a low pressure using a soft-bristled brush attachment. To maintain the quality of the furniture, make sure you do not use coarse material or rub the spot briskly.

Futon Sofa With Mattress - Pepperfry

Alexa Double Futon with Mattress in Ochre Colour


This one's called the Alexa Double Futon sofa and it is like a side character. If you're looking to buy a smaller piece for that corridor of yours, this futon sofa from Pepperfry is perfect. It comes with a foldable mattress in ochre yellow and adds a little bit of sunshine to a dull day at home. The sides of this futon are adjustable- meaning that it can be easily converted into a single bed, and the arms can also be raised a bit to give it the look of a sofa that seats two. 

Shell Out: INR 14,005

Ideal For: Homes that need an additional corridor sofa, or another sofa to place against the walls, apart from their main sofa set. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Protecting your futon sofa from fading, by avoiding keeping it next to windows and other places where it can be exposed to direct sunlight. Dust with a dry cloth. 

Sofas With Shelving + Storage

2-Seater Sofa With Storage - Home Center

Helios Centrio Beige Fabric 2-Seater Sofa With Storage


Now if your purpose is to own a sofa that has maximum utility- as in, it can not only seat your guests but also become a storage space when needed, you might want to opt for sofas that come with inbuilt shelving or storage. This Helios Centrio solid fabric 2-seater sofa from Home Center is apt for homes that are low of cupboards or need extra storage space. Made of pine wood, it comes in a soothing beige color that charms the living room. The sofa is also stuffed with plush foam and has a cozy armrest. What's more is that two comfy cushions are included. 

Shell Out: INR 13,300

Ideal For: Homes looking for a sofa cum storage facility. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Keeping the sofa indoors, and not exposing it to direct sunlight. Dust the sides and the body with a dry cotton cloth only. 

Sofa With 2 Drawers + Shelf Storage - Flipkart

Balaji Furniture Sheesham Wood 2 Seater Sofa


To be honest, we love this one more than our first recommendation, because it comes with two spacious drawers on the side too, making its design look very hatke. Available on Flipkart, this one's made by Balaji Furniture using Sheesham wood and can seat two people comfortably. The wooden handles (sides) of the sofa are attached to the side drawers on the right and the storage beneath the foam seating. There's also a side table above the drawers, which you can adorn with a vase or some other elegant home decor element. 

Shell Out: INR 18,999

Ideal For: This one's ideal for a minimal living room, that's medium to low on space. If you need more storage space, this storage sofa is a great purchase. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Wiping the wood with a soft cloth on a daily basis. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. 

Compact 2-Seater Sofas

Leafy Multicolored Printed Sofa - Pepperfry

Nova 2 Seater Sofa in Multicolour Printed Fabric Colour


If your objective is to purchase fancy sofas but you're okay with them being compact 2-seaters, then this one's ideal for you. Most Indian households are known for buying compact 2-seaters due to lack of lavish spaces (except when you live in huge Delhi bungalows) Made by casaCraft and sold by Pepperfry, this leafy multicolored sofa adds a different kind of elegance to your living room. The print has green and rust orange leaves all over it, which gives a natural and boho look to your space as well. You also get a 3 and a 5 seater in this design, depending on which one you need. It stands on four sleek yet sturdy black legs, with comfortable seating and armrest. 

Shell Out: INR 23,999

Ideal For: Homes that want printed sofa sets that come with nature-inspired design elements. If you're buying this, you're not high on hosting too many guests, your purpose is to mainly have something fancy and eye-catching. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Using a dry cloth for dusting and keeping all liquid elements away from the cover of this sofa. 

2-Seater Wicker Sofa - IRA

2 Seater Sofa Set Living Room


If you want something more natural, then opt for this one from IRA. Made using original wicker (a plant material), this 2-seater sofa set looks very homey and comfy. The materials used in the making of wicker furniture are incredibly strong and durable, plus they have a natural aversion to bugs and rot. This one comes with white seating cushions, is built to last for many years, and is very easy to maintain too. The jute-like finish brings in a rustic charm to your space too. 

Shell Out: INR 17,782

Ideal For: Indian homes that do not have the time to maintain a sofa set, and want something that isn't just sturdy and good-looking but also durable. Since this one's a 2-seater, it naturally doesn't occupy much space. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Gently rubbing the wicker set with a wet cloth, and then placing it under soft sunlight to dry. 

2-Seater Beige Sofa -IKEA

2-seat sofa


It's a fact that lighter colors make homes look more spacious than they actually are. With that philosophy, IKEA makes life (and living rooms) look better. We particularly love this beige 2-seater sofa with super comfortable seat cushioning and a generous armrest. The covers here come with Flexi chains and are easier to change. Made of polyester, that can be recycled multiple times, this sofa defines compact comfort. 

Shell Out: INR 19,990 

Ideal For: Compact homes that want to have an illusion of looking spacious. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Dry-dusting, and keeping it away from direct sunlight 

One-Seater Sofa Chairs

Multicolored Silk Patchwork One-Seater - The Home Dekor

Sofa Single seater in Assorted


One-seater sofas are apt for people living in studio apartments, or for the Konkonas of Wake Up Sid who do not feel the need to invest in huge sofa sets to host guests, but also want something comfy to lounge on and read a book or two. Many bachelors opt for one-seaters as they're cost-effective too. We found one at The Home Dekor. Made with fine silk patchwork multicolored cloth, this one-seater looks beautifully boho. It is supported by solid Sheesham wood and is meant to highlight one of the ignored corners of your abode. 

Shell Out: INR 19,600

Ideal For: Bachelors or people living alone in super small homes or studio apartments, as it does not take up much space, only a corner. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Dry dusting. Keep it away from animals, as the delicate silk fabric and its threads might be at risk. 

Fusion Leatherette One-Seater Sofa - Evok

Fusion Leatherette 1 Seater Sofa In Olive


One-seaters are usually meant to steal the show off a corner, and while we're talking about stealing the show, let's recommend this gorgeous leatherette sofa to you from Evok. Garnished in the color olive, it adds a different kind of elegance to your living space. The traditional button-tufted back and arms contrast beautifully with the slightly curved shape of the sofa. And the solid wood legs give it more strength and sturdiness. We also love how the leatherette upholstery comes with a high rub count and is resistant to fading and pilling.

Shell Out: INR 19,990 

Ideal For: Bachelors or people living alone in super small homes or studio apartments, as it does not take up much space, only a corner. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Gently dusting the surface, and avoiding direct sunlight on the body 

Floor Sofas

Kyoto L-Shaped Floor Sofa - The Fluffy Company

Kyoto Floor Sofa


Simply put, a floor-level sofa is a sofa with no legs. This low-profile piece of furniture provides a relaxed, informal design that fits any Indian living space. They're also easier to move, safer for children, and take small units of space. Most families are shifting to floor sofas because they're easier to set up. This blue Kyoto L-shaped floor sofa from The Fluffy Company is as comfy as its name sounds. A minimal living sofa, inspired by Japanese floor-level lego furniture, it is perfect for four people to snuggle up and watch a film, or have conversations in an informal setup. Just throw in some cushions and it looks wholesome (and totally crash-worthy) 

Shell Out: INR 17,999

Ideal For: Indian homes that are low on space, and like something informal and movable. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Dry-dusting the body of the floor sofa. You can even pack the sofa in one corner to dust the surface below it, and assemble it again after your house's cleaning is done. 

Low-Floor 2-Seater Sofa - Wooden Street

Dwayne Low Floor 2 Seater Wooden Sofa (Dusky Rose, Walnut Finish)


Add a dash of red while you're bringing in that floor sofa, to create a lively vibe in your living room. This one from Wooden Street is called the Dwayne low-floor 2-seater wooden sofa, and it is made of pure Sheesham, with a walnut finish. The fact that this piece does not have an armrest, makes it look bigger than it actually is. The upholstery is quite plush and clean too. 

Shell Out: INR 27,699

Ideal For: A sleek living room, with minimal furniture, where this floor sofa fits perfectly and becomes the star of the room. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Soft-dusting with a dry cloth and no direct exposure to sunlight. 

Recliner Sofas (Under INR 40,000)

Nappa Aire Power 1-Seater Recliner - Durian

Nappa Aire Manual Recliner, 1 Seater


Have you ever wondered why you feel the urge to return home after a long day at work? Because nothing beats coming home to rejuvenate in your comfort space. You can spruce up your comfort space by adding a recliner chair or sofa. As the name suggests, a recliner sofa can recline when the occupant adjusts the headrest and footrest for their comfort. Manual and automated recliners are the two most common types of sofas, and they come in fabric and leatherette variants. Durian's got a recliner sofa collection that we particularly love. However, it's a bit heavy on the pocket. 

Shell out: INR 41600 (yep, this one's 10K more, but worth adding to this list)

Ideal For: Recliner sofas are most often associated with casual living room-style furniture. They will blend into any modern, chic living room. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Vacuuming regularly with a vacuum attachment. Do not expose upholstered pieces to direct sunlight.

2-Seater Recliner With Leg Rest - Furny

Furny Casafurnish Ronnie One Seater Fabric Recliner Sofa (Teal)


If you want something more classy and comfy, then trust Furny with your requirement. This grey recliner sofa is handcrafted to perfection, with its comfy seat cushioning, and a leg rest that can be reclined up and down as well, along with the back of the sofa. So, it's double the leisure and luxury. They've got a black variant in this too. 

Shell Out: INR 19,500

Ideal For: Indian homes that are looking for comfort more than style. 

Post-Purchase Care Includes: Vacuuming regularly with a vacuum attachment. Do not expose upholstered pieces to direct sunlight.