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    Mooch, Mooch, Hota Hai: Groom Your Beard With Soulflower's Products

    Nupur posted on 23 December


    We recommend you check out Soulflower’s beard and moustache grooming kit if you want to tame your facial mane. Movember may be over but the beard stays.

    What Is It?

    Their facial grooming set is a collection of beard and moustache oils and rosemary lavender shampoo bar. Don’t want your beard smelling like grease {thanks to the pollution}? The oil is aromatherapy-based that’s formulated to soften, condition and clean. It’s a blend of essential oils like lemon, lavender, and ginger. The blend hydrates skin, makes your beard manageable and improves growth while providing subtle aroma perfect for both office hours and on the weekends.

    The rosemary lavender shampoo bar stimulates the hair follicles & hair growth and controls hair loss & grey hair and is great for soothing and calming your senses. Available at INR 665 after a discount that’s on at the present, you can buy it here.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you have beard woes or generally like to keep it spick and span {because hygiene}, choosing natural products is a great idea, instead of lacing it with chemicals.

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