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Party All Night: South Mumbai Is Set To Get 24×7 Nightlife Zones


    In a first of its kind step, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has instructed authorities to set up nightlife zones in South Mumbai which will remain open throughout the night, as reported by The Indian Express. The decision comes in to test out the pilot project of making the city 24×7.

    What Can You Expect?

    South Mumbai will be getting zones that will be kept open throughout the night, including pubs, eateries and and other entertainment hotspots. The areas that have been chosen include non-residential areas like Veer Nariman Road, Ballard Pier and Horniman Circle.They will be designated as ‘nightlife zones’.

    The plan is to then replicate these areas for other parts of the city. The decision to roll out the nightlife spots comes in after the Maharashtra government announced its plan to keep the city open round the clock via shops, malls and other commercial establishments.

    The plan is yet to be implemented, however with these pilot runs, the idea is to see the proper run through of laws and rules.

    In this scheme of plans, food trucks also get a boost, as the CM has also directed a plan to encourage them. Does this mean more food tucks can operate more openly now? We hope so!

    So, We're Saying...

    The success of these nightlife zones will predict the outcome of the overall plan to implement zones in other parts of the city. This is definitely a relief to the city that never sleeps, and to the folks who work round the clock.