Ten-Second Takeaway

Check out Parel’s newest eatery, States On Plates, that serves regional delicacies from different states across the country.

Chow Down

States On Plates is a family-style restaurant which serves different cuisines from various states, starting with Maharashtra and Delhi. While the eatery opened its doors to foodies only on September 7, we’re told every two months the restaurant will be introducing one new state to their menu. Presently, over and above regional cuisines, they also serve Chinese and Tibetan cuisines.


We hear that some of their must-try dishes include Chicken Saoji {INR 170}, Mutton Saoji {INR 250}, Mutton Fry Bhandari style{INR 180}, White Prawns {INR 250}, and Crab Masala {price as per size}. Their menu also has some other interesting and delicious dishes such as prawns leepta, chicken chatpati, chicken green pot, chicken stew rice and much more.

So We’re Thinking…

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to pay a visit to this new restaurant, as it’s warm and cosy interiors and lavish food spread seem extremely inviting. Besides, it’s easy on the pocket which is another incentive.

#LBBTip: In case you work around Parel-Lower Parel-Elphinstone, this would be ideal for a quick lunch or dinner.

Photos courtesy: States On Plates