DIY-ing It While At Home? These 10 Stationery Products Are All You Need!


    We all have dreamt about making those cute artsy items we saw on Pinterest and FB videos. Well, now that you have all the time - here's your chance to make that dream come true. While we don’t lack the enthusiasm, we do run short of supplies most of the times as we don’t know where to find that quirky stationery.

    So, we have compiled a list which might help.

    Hot Glue Gun

    Glue Guns

    Every DIYer who has followed all those quirky videos knows how important this piece of stationery is. Be it sticking ropes around your vase or gluing jewels on a photo frame, hot glue gun makes a lot of work easier. 

    Washi Tape

    Washi Tape

    One of our favourites on the list, washi tapes have the power to transform any mundane thing into something spectacular. They are simple, cute and have an array of designs to choose from. So, if you are making a card or wrapping a gift, deck it up with washi tapes. Go glittery or choose a cute kitty pattern. 

    Spray Paints

    Spray Paint

    They are convenient, quick and very important if you are thinking of giving anything a solid makeover. So, if you are turning that tin box into a gold jewellery box or colouring every flower pot in your garden in a different hue, you need to have them. 

    Baker’s Twine

    Regency Baker's Twine Cone red & white by Regency Wraps

    This colourful string will come in handy in a lot of cool projects you take up along with baking. Be it gift wrapping, textural home decor, jewellery or other fashion projects, you will need the magic twine. 

    Air Dry Modeling Clay

    Air Drying Modelling Clay

    If you plan to make those tiny flowers to stick on your frames, doors, mirrors etc, or if you like making your own jewellery, then you should go for air dry clay which becomes as hard as a stone after drying. You can also go for coloured versions or just paint over it when it’s dried. 

    Paint Pens

    Permanent Acrylic Paint Markers

    Art lovers love these for how convenient and awesome they are. You can use paint pens to write edgy text over anything. Be it coffee mugs or mason jars or just cute one-liners on your cupboard, these are a must have. 

    X Acto Knife

    X-Acto #2 Knife With Safety Cap

    Those neat paper cuts in tutorials are not done using scissors. If you want to get all professional, you need professional tools too. Get an x acto knife for smoother and neater results.

    Needle Nose Pliers

    HG Flat Nose Pliers

    If you plan to go all DIY with most stuff you use (which you should), needle nose pliers will come in handy. They are essential for opening and closing jump rings, bending wire, securing crimp beads & ribbon ends and cutting through jewellery chain and wire. 

    Stapleless Stapler

    Well, at a point all of us have stapled our finger (ouch...!) with a stapler. So, whether you're clumsy or no, or just want to be on the safe side, we'd highly recommend using this cute little device. As the name suggests, a stapleless stapler don't really require staple pins and thus is an amazing alternative to the traditional stapler. 

    #LBBTip: However, it can staple only a limited number of papers (say maybe only 5-6) 

    Wax Seals

    Love writing letters? If yes, we're sure you'll love this piece of stationery. To be honest, wax seals are simply the coolest - they add a sense of elegance, can be easily personalised and lastly are pretty thoughtful. There are a number of online and offline stores that offer an array of wax seals with different designs, patterns and words.