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Stay Updated: 112 Is The Single Emergency Number For India


    Like the US & UK, now India gets a single point contact number for emergencies. People, keep 112 handy in case of emergencies. However, Maharashtra will get activated soon.

    What Is It?

    It was reported that a single contact number for all emergencies – whether it’s the police, ambulance or fire brigade, there’ll be no need to dial different numbers now {it was anyway a hassle to remember all of them}. You can feed the number in your panic button system, to keep it easily accessible in times of need.

    No more reading minute text on train compartments or badly-executed hoardings, this number is all you need to remember. Available on both mobiles and landlines, it will direct you to the concerned department ASAP. The number is active for most of the states, but Maharashtra will have to wait a little longer.

    So, We're Saying...

    Finally, a much needed utility is coming to life and we’re quite happy about it.