Ten-Second Takeaway

A photo studio that also serves baked goodies, Eat and Treat {E.A.T.} on Hill Road can be missed easily.

What Is It?

A small setup on one of the busiest streets of Bandra, it is one of the older shops right before Chapel Road merges with Hill Road.

Studio Perfecta was started about 35 years ago, and is now also a stop for you to recharge yourself on budget after shopping. The bakery was set up about 2 years ago and now sustains the photo studio that gives you ‘a passport size photo in 5 minutes’. Ah, old world charm and food, what else would you want on a cosy day in Bandra?

Chow Down

The menu consists of small eats that one can grab while you’re shopping or otherwise. A chicken burger and chicken croissant will cost you INR 40, chicken manchurian roll at INR 40 and a mini chicken croissant comes at INR 15. Currently, they also have Christmas sweets at INR 100.Their chilli chicken roll is quite the star at INR 40.

Sip On

Don’t expect shakes or fancy smoothies, grab a packaged drink and you’re good to go at E.A.T. They might have Sunkist pouches, if you’re lucky.

So, We’re Saying…

A humble joint selling quick snacks, it reminds us of the simpler days. Head here if you want to go back in time, one puff at a time.

Featured photo: Nupur Prasad/LBB