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Go To This New Resort Near The City That Serves Authentic Parsi Food & Overlooks A Vineyard

    What Is It?

    Now you can head to Nashik for authentic Parsi food and chill out at this new 14-room property started off by Mumbai’s Parsi caterer, Tanaz Godiwalla.

    How Do I Get There?

    Summer Vines is an easily accessible resort from Mumbai along the Mumbai-Nashik highway. If you’re going by road, it is approximately 160 kilometres away, and will take around three hours, and 45 minutes. Summer vines is a gorgeous property, and it overlooks a vineyard, so you know you’ll be in a a peaceful haven.

    In case you’re getting to the resort from Pune, it will take you approximately the same time {about four hours}.

    What's Unique About It?

    Summer Vines is the newest property in Nashik and is owned by Tanaz Godiwalla, and partner, Dr. Tanaz Boyce. The property, which overlooks a sprawling in Deolali, promises to offer everything that you’re looking for in a relaxing holiday. Godiwalla {who is known for her Parsi Bhonu in Mumbai} will actually be ensuring that the menu on and off has her signature dishes on offer.

    In fact, not just limited to Parsi delicacies, there is also Goan food, other baked goodies, and perhaps even cooking sessions by Godiwalla herself {if people request for it} to look forward to. They have an indoor and outdoor pool, lush green lawns and they also offer their guests recreational facilities such as table tennis, carom and board games.

    We especially love the fact that this quaint boutique resort overlooks a vineyard, and when the season is right, you can go plucking the grapes {oh, how fun}.

    Here, you can book your stay for a double occupancy for INR 4,000 per night which will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner {exclusive of GST}.

    Anything Else?

    Summer Vines is dreamy, fun, and close enough for a quick one-day getaway, or for a long weekend.

    To book your stay, go here.