Ten-Second Takeaway

After facing hurdles in obtaining the required permissions to hold the event in Goa, the organisers of India’s premier EDM festival, Sunburn, have shifted the venue for their new edition to Pune.

Tell Us More

31102016_sunburn1So the festival is coming significantly closer to us Mumbai peeps. The festival will take place from December 28 to December 31, and while the official news does have the caveat that the organisers are still waiting to hear the final word from the Goa government, a double change in plans doesn’t seem likely. The festival is slated to take place in Kesnand in Pune.

So, We’re Thinking…

While we do love a shorter commute as much as the next person, we’ve got to say we’re a little disappointed – what is Sunburn without its beaches? But we’re sure the organisers will come up with a way ┬áto make this year exceptional as well.

Check out the official Sunburn Facebook page here for more details.

Photos source: Sunburn Festival