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Find The New And The Quirky: Mumbai's First-Ever Zine Festival Is Here

Jayati posted on 9th January

What Is It?

Bombay Zine Fest is being organised by the duo of Dharavi Art Room and The Underground Bookhouse, Himanshu S and Aqui Thami on 14 and 15 January at the Underground Boookhouse in Bandra. This will feature self-published and DIY comics, literature and all sorts of zines from artists around the world.

Who Is It For?

For anyone who loves the art of zine-making and would love to hold and discuss these zines with other enthusiasts. Zine fest, in this aspect is aiming to bring together the small community of self-published writers, connect with work by international artists from the UK, US, Spain, Australia and more. In fact, a lot of the zines are created in the artist's native language like Spanish.


The zines will also be up for sale at the fest. Apart from this, the zine fest will be travelling to at least six more cities, with their next stop at Pepper Design Studio in Kochi. From there, they are expected to travel and showcase the fest in Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Goa. In the process, more zines will be added to diversify the process.

Why Should I Go?

It's a great place to meet like-minded people, get exposure to the small but burgeoning self-publishing writer's community, and of course, support the art of zine-making. The history of zines dates back to the period, when marginalised communities used it to voice their opinions against the state censorship and make it more accessible to the public. It's a thin booklet with illustrations, is easy to read and easy to distribute in person.


Therefore, zines in general support the concept of accessible media. You should go because you will be able to browse through atleast 130 to 140 different zines, with varied topics like gender, queer, street fashion, and even food-related zines. Some of our interesting picks include Piss In The River, Forget Brexit, Nojo, Periods and so many more, which also include Aqui and Himanshu's self creations. There will be zine making workshops, by folding a single sheet. Also, every visitor will be expected to draw or sketch something on a piece of paper which Himanshu tells us will then be compiled to create a zine for the day.

So, We're Saying…

It's a great way of showing support to the writer's community. We've been told, post the fest the zines would be up for display at the Bookhouse so everyone has access to the them. It's a heart-warming initiative, and the collection of zines is absolutely brilliant.

Where: Underground Boookhouse, Bandra West

When: Noon to 9pm, Sat and Sun, Jan 14 and 15

Featured photo source: Athul Prasad/LBB

Photos source: Underground Bookhouse

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