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What Makes It Awesome

Have you been trying to be mindful about your shopping, searching for ways to make sustainable fashion affordable and ethical? Holi Boli is a brand for every one of you who wants to wear clothes that make a difference – a clothing brand based in rural India, it aims to employ local women and provide training, fair wages and meaningful employment.

We love the fact that this fashion brand is doing all that it can to support rural women, ethical fashion, and an eco-friendly lifestyle. For those of you who are new here, Holi Boli is an ethical women’s clothing manufacturer and fashion label based in rural India, with a  collection of quality, eco-friendly women’s clothing that is sold globally.

Started in 2010 by Ana and Daniel Wilkinson-Gee, a couple from New Zealand, Holi Boli was founded in Orissa on the belief that fashion can be used to make a difference, and can be a vehicle to empower women. 

Today, Holi Boli employs 14 women and has trained 170 more in design and sewing of clothes. Holi Boli has become an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of local women and contribute to change in the fashion industry, while supporting the local economy and protecting the environment. From jumpsuits and tops to dresses, jeans and exclusive themed collections, Holi Boli has an impressive range of cuts and designs that are trendy and definitely worth the investment.  

With sustainable fashion becoming the need of the hour today, Holi Boli is one of the few brands that’s trying to keep a sustainable lifestyle affordable and ethical, and the fact that it helps rural women earn a livelihood makes us love them even more!