Parents Of LGBTQ Kids Have 'Come Out' To Form This Support Group {With Regular Meet Ups}

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Sweekar - The Rainbow Parents


    What we are about to tell you about is probably the sweetest thing we’ve recommended so far. Meet Sweekar – an LGBTQ support group, for the parents, by the parents.

    Tell Me More

    According to their Facebook page, “Sweekar: The Rainbow Parents is a group formed by the parents of Indian LGBTQ children with the aim of supporting each other to accept one’s child fully and be happy as a family.”

    The description, while aptly describing the page, also highlights the issue that most LGBTQ community members face – acceptance by their family. And one group is taking matters into their own hands. Formed by progressive parents who have accepted their kids, they also look forward to having the newer bunch of parents who are still coming to terms with their child’s sexual preferences.

    Apart from holding meetups, they also have a WhatsApp group where people post queries, exchange anecdotes, make plans and sometimes, crack jokes. Just a normal group on WhatsApp, basically, but with a kickass purpose.

    So, We're Saying...

    Isn’t it wonderful, to see parents come together for LGBTQ rights? We think we need more of these in each city!

    Check out their Facebook page here.

    If you are a parent looking to join, fill this form. You can even ask your parents to join, but only if they are fully-onboard.

    Community Groups

    Sweekar - The Rainbow Parents