Sweetish House Mafia Opens In SoBo Today & We're Telling You Where


    Go forth and rejoice on World Chocolate Day as the cookie brand we all love, Sweetish House Mafia opens up in SoBo today. July 6 is officially going down as the sweetest day ever in our books.

    That’s How The Cookie Crumbles

    How many times have we craved for one really big, really good Nutella sea salt cookie, all for ourselves but without travelling to the other side of town? Well, it’s finally happening, people.

    Sweetish House Mafia {SHM, as some fondly call it}, is opening up its very own outlet for SoBo on Napeansea Road. Hurrah.

    It’ll have your usual menu from the other outlets, lots of awesome cookies – from the humble chocolate chip, to the more extravagant snickerdoodle, and even a ‘healthy’ oatmeal cranberry.

    They will also have their classic hot chocolate, and cookie shakes to go.

    So, We're Saying...

    This Friday just got sweeter. Hit up your friends and visit SHM for a post-drinks indulgence tonight!