Grocery Woes? Swiggy's Got A New Service And It's Built For Convenience

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What Makes It Awesome

We know Swiggy is one of our go-to's for online food delivery. We find the app pretty handy for getting your food craving sorted, whether it's pizza or that exact chocolate cake you've been resisting for days. But now, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulty we all face with getting a hold of groceries, they've launched ''Swiggy Genie" a pick-up and drop service that's all about helping you fulfil all those little tedious tasks that take up so much of your day.

You can use the Swiggy App under their 'Grocery' section to pick up groceries from local stores and have it delivered to your doorstep without you having to step outside. Super helpful we think, especially when slots at major online grocery retailers are permanently full. Besides groceries, you can also use the app to pick up and deliver parcels, send lunchboxes or documents to people nearby. They'll be using their existing fleet of delivery partners and a system of hyperlocal delivery to service neighbourhoods.

Get the app here on Playstore and here on iOS.


We suggest you check for availability in your area as services are affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic before placing an order.