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With Dishes Ranging From Kabul To The Awadh Region, Stop By This Place ASAP


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Taftoon is a gamechanger when it comes to bringing the authentic cuisine to the plate with the dishes ranging from Kabul-Pakistan-Kashmir-Uttar Pradesh-Awadh region, the route which has the name of the great king Chandragupta Maurya written on it. Taftoon Mumbai not only does authentically prepare these delicacies but also source the ingredients from the respective places of origin.

    Not many places serve the main course in a manner that is attractive. In Taftoon it was all together with a different ball game.
    -Kashmiri Kawa & Papad Pate: We were served hot Kashmiri kawa along with papad plate and chutney as a dip. The Kawa was to the point, with warmth and sweetness.
    -Date & Pineapple Sherbet: Amazing mocktail especially the freshness of the melange of flavours from the date puree and pineapple with a hint of jaggery. The sour mix brings a great balance to it overall. Recommended
    -Chote Kulche Chole: The simple chole served with mini kulchas and the kulcha is topped with chole and served alongside pickles. Traditionally though it is mains but it is served here as an appetizer.
    -Gucci & Mushroom: The smoothest paste of mushroom marinated with harissa giving it a more brownish texture and finishing it off with truffle oil and served inside a mini naan. Absolute melt in the mouth dish. Recommended for authentic north Indian preparation of mushroom.
    -Chukkandar E Shammi: The kaccha aam ki chutney (raw mango) is the winner here which gives the significant punch to the entire preparation. The beetroot retains good sweetness and is filled with cheese and yoghurt balancing the sweet in a good manner. Recommended even if you don't love beetroot.

    The mains were quite flavourful and were served with 3 different bread Zafrani Taftoon, Baquerkhani (from the lands of Kashmir) & Laal Naan.
    -Bharwan Kadhai: This dish is from the Awadhi area of India. The aakha brinjal with amazing Mirchi and tomato (all big piece of the vegetable) served with sweet and sour curry with a hit of Mirchi and some stuff inside the vegetables. A very different take on the regular North Indian food.
    -Litthi Chokha: Litti Chokha is a Bihari recipe made with whole wheat, black gram flour and brinjal/eggplant. This main course recipe has an authentic flavour of Indian spices. It can make for a perfect lunch/dinner recipe. Litti is similar to Baati in appearance but there is a slight difference. The stuffing) which is filled in the litti is made with sattu (powdered gram or lentil) and is eaten with brinjal bharta or mashed potato. The Litti was dipped in desi ghee and was very heavy on the stomach. Has been a lot of time since I had litti chokha. Recommended

    Kaju Ki Kulfi, Anjeer & Falooda: Typical Indian starter with a rich and creamy texture of rabdi served with falooda. It was very heavy on the stomach mainly because of how rich the dessert it. Recommend and worth ending the meal with it.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Bae, Big Group.