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This Shivaji Park Bookshop Sells Books For As Cheap As INR 30


If you are a self-proclaimed bookworm or a book hoarder and haven't been to Maharashtra Book House & Library yet, you're missing out on a real gem in the city. It's time to make a trip to Shivaji Park and grab as many books (starting at INR 30) as your bare hands can!

What Makes It Awesome

If you're a regular at Shivaji Park, we're sure you know Sachin Seafood Hotel. This tiny bookstore is located right across the street there. It's a tiny store, but there's no way we could underestimate it; it was raining books of all colors, sizes, new and old all over the store. We met Kaushik Visariya, who you will find sitting at the shop reading Marathi novels (mostly). The stop was started by his aunt and uncles, and it has been in existence for over 50 years now.

It's not an easy collection of books to browse through. The collection is so diverse that we spent almost 25 minutes just chatting with Kaushik to know more about the genres they stock up on.You'll find school guides, college textbooks and guidebooks (you can get them for half price as well as new books). Know what's best? They also double as a library – which is great and helpful to students (and others). It’s quite simple– pay the full price of the book, read the book and when you’re done with it, just give it back to them and get half of your money back. The books range from secondhand ones to brand new ones.

While browsing through the shelves, we came across such delightful novels that also took us on a walk down memory lane. From Jane Austen’s Little Women, to Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham {all of their series}, along with a host of Indian authors. The quirky collection also included travel and art magazines for just INR 20, INR 30 and INR 40 {Taj magazine, Inside Out}. However, a rare find was a special edition of BBC Books – Doctor Who – a complete inside to Doctor’s World and universe and facts about the series for a mere cost of INR 100! Apart from this, we also spotted Oxford Anthology’s Bengali Literature and some unknown books like Dongri To Dubai {about Mumbai’s mafia world} and ‘Trump Surviving At The Top‘ {something relevant more than ever now}.


Maharashtra Book House & Library is running purely out of the owners love of books and word of mouth of the locals. It adds to Mumbai’s rich and ever growing culture and offer alternatives to otherwise expensive options of buying books {students mainly}. So head for the amazing collection or to borrow a few to complete those readings goals.

P.S.- They are open to donations too, so if you have a book that's just collecting dust, make a trip to this shop, donate it and pick up something else for yourself.

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