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All You Knead To Know: These Home Bakers In The City Are Cooking Up A Storm

They say, when you follow your passion, you really do create magic. And that's one thing that holds true for these home bakers who followed their hearts to bake sweet treats and slowly won our hearts, while on it. For everyone who wants cookies, cakes, pastries and other desserts made with love, warmth and truckloads of creativity, here are some home bakers in Mumbai to turn to.

This Khar-based home baker is known for her custom creations. What we love about her is the skill with which she creatively bakes cakes in the design and flavour of your choice. And, all the cakes are fondant cakes. 

What Makes It Awesome: From weddings and birthdays to superhero-themed parties and 3D cakes, The Cake Lady can whip up a gorgeous cake for every occasion. 

Shell Out: INR 850 onward

P.S: She also bakes cupcakes and cookies. 

Popular for the candy floss cakes, Baking Blunders has been a household name for dessert lovers. Baking Blunders is where you need to head to when you need a cake that is unique, special and uber delicious. They never repeat a design, and their unique presentations are definitely a show stopper at every party.

What Makes It Awesome: The candy floss cake is an instant hit, and is served in many offbeat flavours like paan, raw mango, butterscotch, vanilla, tangy lime, lychee and green apple. They also bake cookies, brownies and donuts. 

Shell Out: Price really depends on the kind of cake you order.

P.S: All your bookings need to be made 10 days in advance. 

This home baker, based out of Jogeshwari, bakes chocolates, cakes, brownies and other sweet treats, and even customizes cakes for special occasions.

What Makes It Awesome: The Dairy Milk Cake is a hot-seller, and we also recommend the gooey, indulgent brownies. She also makes assorted chocolate boxes on order. 

Shell Out: INR 850 onward

P.S: She takes corporate orders too, for which you’d have to place an order 1 week in advance. 

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