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We’ve Found You The Best Way To Care For Your Favourite Shoes!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Let’s face it, we’re a little too protective about our footwear, aren’t we? And because of this, we end up not wearing our precious and favourite pairs of shoes with the notion that it’ll get spoiled thanks to the water, rain or spills. But now, we have a solution. Vetro Power Nano Footwear Protector (available on Shop On LBB) solves almost all our woes! It helps to clean, take care, enhances & protects not only our shoes, but a wide range of surfaces.

    Vetro Power’s portfolio consists of a range of nano-technology-enabled & clean tech products that’ll make our daily lives simpler. The Vetro Power Nano Footwear Protector safeguards your favourite shoes from water, rain, stains & spills. It creates an invisible protective coating on your shoes that repels everyday accidental spills of liquid (water, coffee, tea, alcohol, etc.). Isn’t that cool? Not only that, it is safe to use on all absorbent fabrics like suede, leather, nylon, synthetics, canvas & sheepskin. Want to know the best part? One single application can protect your shoes for upto a year (depending upon usage)!

    Apart from footwear protection, Vetro Power also provides leather cleaning & restoration wipes, isopropyl alcohol surface disinfectant & variants in it. Now, that’s a lot of help to most of us who have been trying to find solutions to these issues! 


    If you’re someone who religiously takes care of all your beloved pairs of shoes, varied fabrics & are particular about keeping the surface disinfected, Vetro Power has got you covered. So, go on, take the first step towards happy feet and surfaces! 

      Available on LBB