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    Gift Gaali Is Perfect For Those Who Love Both Swearing And Home Decor

    Nupur posted on 24 December


    Gift Gaali has humourous framed signs, slang and well, gaalis to gift or to keep. Here’s why you should get one.

    What Is It?

    Always wanted to send a subtle {or passive aggressive} message to that friend’s friend who always lands up at your house parties, uninvited? Put up a sarcastic welcome sign that says ‘Bas aap ka intezaar tha‘ available at INR 985 and give a hint or a few laughs. Framed art made to suit your house walls, your office desk or even the loo, they have everything from ‘Chill Bro’ to ‘Creepy’ written in Hindi. There’s also the quintessential weekend closing line ‘Kal se daaru bandh‘ written in bold, golden letters. The desk signs are available at INR 495.

    They also customise signs and in case you have a special gaali for a friend. Wow, you can get really creative there. We’re already thinking of some.

    So, We're Saying...

    A great way to add character to your home space or to give a funny nudge to friendship or relationship, Gift Gaali is definitely amping up the communication game for this generation.

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