Don't Love Your Summer Tan? No Worries, Get These Products From Shop On LBB!


    What's the one thing that's always bothering us in the summers? It's getting tanned. If you are one of those peeps who's always trying hard to get rid of that uneven tan, welcome to the club (also, it's summer so more tan!). We swear by these products when we need a quick fix. You can try them out too. 

    P.S. Don't forget to use SPF!

    Detan Face Pack

    Tan Off Detan Face Pack (40g)


    This detan face pack from Resoul instantly brightens up your skin. If you're looking for a quick fix or heading out and need your skin to look great, this one shall do it for you. It comes with the goodness of sandalwood powder, rosemary oil, and organic masoor dal, and has a cooling effect when you apply. TLC done right!

    Detan Face Scrub

    Face Scrub De-Tan - 100g


    We love this detan face scrub for men from Ustraa. The lord knows that when it comes to skincare, men have barely graduated. So men if you're reading this, gift yourself a detan face scrub that comes with walnut granules, sugarcane extracts, pineapple, beetroot, and vitamin C. Ged rid of the dead cells and dirt, y'all! 

    Orange & Lemon Lip Detan

    Orange and Lemon Lip Detan


    Your lips are probably the most ignored part of your body. Admit it or not, you've licked it every time it felt itchy. But that's not a long term solution. Get yourself an orange and lemon lip detan from Nourishk Essencia and allow it to hydrate and nourish your lips during summers, or otherwise! 

    Basic Brightening Extra Gentle Daily Peel

    Basic Brightening Extra Gentle Daily Peel (50ml)


    Dr. Sheth's products are crafted for Indian skin, and their gentle daily peel is said to exfoliate and regenerate skin quite well. You can use this as a face mask for around five minutes or just use it on the affected skin. Do check for the instructions on the box or before you buy to make sure you don't overuse the product.

    Oil-Free Vitamin C Serum

    Oill-free Vitamin C Serum -30ml


    After watching several hauls on YouTube and IGTV, we figured out that Lavenza is one brand that has to be checked out. They use natural ingredients, and this serum is one thing your skin will thank you for. As it has Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 Vitamin B3, it brightens your skin, moisturizes it, and removes tan too.  

    Oil-Free Sunscreen With SPF 50

    L'Eau Shield - Oil Free Sunscreen - SPF 50 (50ml)

    While all these products will help you reduce your tan, don't forget that you need a solid sunscreen. Depending on your skin and preferred price points, we recommend trying out a few before you settle on it. We've been liking this sunscreen from Peau Care because it's not sticky (unlike several sunscreens) and it's all-natural and oil-free. 

    Anti-Tan Body Lightening Massage Oil

    Anti Tan Body Lightening Massage Oil - Mystic Rose (200ml)


    This lovely anti-tan oil works wonders and how! It belongs to a brand called Tvakh- a Sanskrit word that means ‘tvacha’, which further means skin or dermis. Naturally, this product is all about protecting your skin. Massaging daily locks the moisture in your skin, and the essential oils also prevent your skin from getting tanned.