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Got A Story To Tell? This Mumbai Group Will Turn It Into An Online Podcast

Jayati posted on 05 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

Tape A Tale is an online platform that curates personal stories via audio files and shares it with the world. And on July 11, they are organising their first open mic night in Mumbai in collaboration with AkkarBakkar.

Tape A Tale, Quite Literally

Tape A Tale was launched in April 2017 as way to curate audio files of people’s personal stories. Think of it like a place where you find personal podcasts of people’s personal experience.

The idea behind Tape A Tale comes from Kopal Khanna who is the co-founder. She moved to Mumbai last year in May and ever since then has been working towards making the website a reality. The idea behind it stems from Kopal’s interest in podcasts and other audio mediums which she feels are really impactful. As the medium is really under utilised in India by the launch of this portal, they’re hoping to bridge the gap by crowd sourcing these personal stories by diverse people.

What We Love

We love that anyone who has a story to tell can do so and share it with the world. It’s a fairly simple process, just record your first personal story and send it to them via Whatsapp or email. You could even record it on your phone voice recording app and send it to them. The editor then cleans up the audio – to make it crisper and sharper and uploads it on their website.

The idea is to give storytellers a platform to share their intimate personal narratives and let other people listen to it. They have some really fascinating stories on the website, from an acid survivor’s personal account to a guy’s coming out story.

So, We're Saying...

Do you have a story that you’d like to share with the world? Record something and send it across to them. As Kopal says, “Everybody has a story to tell but not everybody is a story teller,” and we agree. They are organising their first open mic, ‘Kahaaniya’ at Tuning Fork on July 11 which will be hosted by Kunal Kamra.

To book the tickets, go here.

You can listen to some of the audio stories on their website here.

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