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Tea Ja Brew In Malad Has Perfected Comfort Food!

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What Makes It Awesome

We're just gonna say it out loud: Comfort food isn't exactly a rarity. We're all used to cheesy pasta dishes, deep dish pizzas, warming soups and hot chocolates that feel like a hug, aren't we?
So when we were invited to Tea Ja Brew, a lovely little café at Evershine Nagar in Malad, we expected a cute space with food that's more or less similar to the dishes we're used to.

As we walked into the café, we were taken aback by just how adorable it is. With outdoor seating that's smoker-friendly and cozy beanbags that looked extremely inviting, the décor is fresh, young and curiously nostalgic. Maybe that's why the name's a play on déja vu?

As we pored through the menu, we found all our comforr food faves - variations of pasta, pizzas lovingly baked in housemade bread, coffee, freakshakes and, well, a generous section that pays homage to chai! No, not the chai tea latte that leaves a ton (of chai masala) to be desired... But asli chai, with lemongrass, fresh ginger and mint.

We kickstarted the experience with a caffeine kick - their famously instagrammable Affogato. Served in a giant mug with marshmallows and ice cream with a dense web of candy floss on top of it, this one has espresso poured on top of it, thereby melting the floss, which falls into the mug under it. This one's an absolute treat.
We then moved on to the Alfredo Sauce pasta, which was mind-blowingly delicious. We've had a ton of Alfredos in our day, and we've often been served watery, low-salt, tasteless versions of this simple sauce. Somehow, Tea Ja Brew has perfected the Alfredo, and we polished it right off.

The pizza graced us next, and we're happy to report that this pocket-friendly wonder (INR 170) had a dreamy cheese pull, and still managed to be light, crunchy and desi spice-tolerance friendly.

The chef recommended that we try the Paneer Balls (INR 250) too, and so we did! This is the perfect finger food, and this, too, was light and tasty.

Tea Ja Brew is definitely going to be a go-to for comfort food, and great chai/coffee for everyone in the area, and we're happy to recommend this one!